News about WhatsApp: Business features 2024

  • Linus Scheibe
  • 12/15/2023
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WhatsApp Updates & News für Unternehmen

What are the most important changes in WhatsApp for businesses? For all the new features in WhatsApp Business, check out this WhatsApp update for 2023.

News about WhatsApp: Update on WhatsApp Business features in 2023

WhatsApp Update September 2023: WhatsApp Flows will soon be available worldwide

Hot on the heels of its last software update, WhatsApp announces the next innovation for users of the business platform.

WhatsApp Flows is a new feature in WhatsApp Business that lets businesses create and manage automated customer interactions. With WhatsApp Flows, businesses can design customized messages and actions to respond to specific events or customer requests.

These automated processes can help increase the efficiency of customer communications, improve customer satisfaction and streamline workflows. Examples of use cases include promotions and rewards, customer service feedback and appointment booking.

WhatsApp Update June 2023: WhatsApp Channels coming soon

Meta announces a new feature in WhatsApp Business: WhatsApp Channels. For now, WhatsApp Channels are only available to select businesses in Singapore and Colombia.

However, WhatsApp Channels could become an important marketing tool for businesses and brands worldwide in the future. Telegram, a rival to WhatsApp, clearly demonstrates the popularity of this feature. Channels have long been one of its most important features.

Individuals can follow WhatsApp channels to keep up to date with specific topics. The timeline and method for the rollout of the WhatsApp update for business accounts in the UK remains uncertain.

WhatsApp Update 2023: Create click-to-chat ads directly from WhatsApp

Meta is constantly expanding its features for WhatsApp Business. This includes the ability to create WhatsApp ads on Facebook and Instagram.

Currently, the Meta Ad Manager is the only platform where you can place these click-to-chat ads. In the future, this will also be possible directly from the WhatsApp Business app. At present, there is no data available regarding the launch date of this feature.

WhatsApp Update 2023: Messenger announces Communities

WhatsApp is planning to introduce Communities, a new way to bring multiple group chats together in one place. Admins can create and manage communities by either creating new groups or connecting existing groups. Admins will also be able to remove people from communities or delete inadequate messages. Members' phone numbers will remain anonymous for privacy reasons.

WhatsApp Update 2023: Search for nearby businesses

Users will soon be able to search for nearby businesses directly from WhatsApp. Users can find local shops, restaurants and businesses directly from the app. The feature is presently undergoing testing by meta in Brazil, which is one of WhatsApp's major markets.

WhatsApp Update 2023: WhatsApp Pay still in testing stage

Meta is continuing to work on a payment feature for WhatsApp. The feature is presently undergoing testing in two of WhatsApp's most crucial markets, namely Brazil and India. It remains unclear whether or not the feature will extend to Germany in the future.

News about WhatsApp: Update on WhatsApp Business features in 2022

WhatsApp Update July 2022: The Digital Markets Act is coming

The Digital Markets Act (DMA) poses new challenges for large technology companies. The proposed legislation aims to increase transparency in the market and diminish the dominant position of certain companies (e.g. Meta).

This includes, for example, the proposal for interoperability of messaging apps. In the future, users could be able to communicate with other contacts across different platforms.

WhatsApp Update May 2022: WhatsApp Cloud API

Meta announces that the WhatsApp Cloud API will be available to all businesses. The move is part of the company's expansion of its business model to be more attractive to the enterprise market. Specifically, the Cloud API will allow any business to send messages through the cloud-hosted version of WhatsApp Business. While access is free, the pricing to send messages follows the latest model announced in February.

WhatsApp Update February 2022: New pricing for WhatsApp API

WhatsApp is changing its pricing model for the WhatsApp Business API. While the WhatsApp Business app will continue to be free to use, the cost of the WhatsApp API will change. Companies need to distinguish between chats started by themselves and those started by customers. Costs range from GBP 0.03 to GBP 0.06, with the first 1000 conversations per month free.

News about WhatsApp: Important Updates on WhatsApp Business features from the past

WhatsApp Update September 2021: WhatsApp button on Instagram & WhatsApp Business on multiple devices

Businesses will be able to link their WhatsApp Business account directly to their Instagram profile. The WhatsApp button will enable patrons to directly converse with the enterprise from Instagram. An Instagram business profile and a WhatsApp business account are prerequisites. Unfortunately, this feature is not currently available for numbers powered by the WhatsApp API.

Additionally, WhatsApp has increased the range of compatible devices that can link with WhatsApp Business. Companies can now access the WhatsApp Business App on a smartphone and four other devices. Business benefit from the use of the WhatsApp API for more than five devices or multiple numbers and locations.

WhatsApp Update June 2021: WhatsApp newsletter returns

After a break, the WhatsApp newsletter is back in a new format. The WhatsApp API now allows you to send marketing messages. To ensure a positive user experience, but with a few rules.

Customers must opt-in to receive WhatsApp newsletters. Business can only send them through templates. Reporting spam messages is now easier for users. Send Marketing messages to provide product suggestions, celebrate special events or re-engage customers.

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