WhatsApp Statistics: The most Important Facts (2024)

  • Maximilian Mierswa
  • 8/31/2023
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WhatsApp Statistiken & Nutzerzahlen

For millions of people, WhatsApp is an integral part of everyday life. Text messages, pictures, and videos are sent to friends via Messenger. Companies have also discovered the potential and use WhatsApp in customer service and sales. We have summarized the most important statistics on the most popular messenger for you.

Statistics on WhatsApp user Figures Worldwide

With around 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most popular messenger in the world. Especially in Europe, the messenger enjoys great popularity. However, the country with the largest user base is in South Asia.

India has more than 400 million WhatsApp users and is thus in first place by a wide margin. For comparison: In the USA, about 75 million people use WhatsApp daily.

CountryWhatsApp Users (in Million)

How WhatsApp compares with other Apps

4.76 billion people are using social media platforms all over the world. With more than 2 billion users worldwide, WhatsApp leads the statistics of the most popular messaging apps. In comparison, the Chinese messenger WeChat has around 1.2 billion users. Facebook Messenger comes in third place with more than 980 million users.

Statistic: Most popular global mobile messenger apps as of January 2022, based on number of monthly active users (in millions) | Statista

Whatsapp Global Growth Statistics

In the second quarter of 2022, WhatsApp saw the biggest growth in its home country, the USA. Although the messenger is rather unpopular in the States, it was able to grow by almost 45 percent here. The downloads refer to data from the Apple App Store. WhatsApp also grew in Japan, South Korea and China, although the messenger has been banned in China since 2017.

Statistic: Regions with the highest growth of WhatsApp downloads from the Apple App Store in 2nd quarter 2022 | Statista

WhatsApp Business: More than 200 million Active Users per Month

Since 2018, WhatsApp has also offered a solution for businesses. With WhatsApp Business, companies can also use the messenger for customer communication. This was followed shortly afterwards by the opening of the WhatsApp API, which makes the use more attractive for larger companies.

The popularity of WhatsApp Business is continuously increasing and the latest figures from Meta support this thesis. Mark Zuckerberg announced new figures on the use of WhatsApp Business in June 2023: the messenger's business solution has around 200 million active users.

This is an impressive development. In 2020, the monthly user numbers were still around 50 million businesses.

Various WhatsApp statistics show the enormous potential of the messenger. Via WhatsApp Business or the WhatsApp Business API, companies have the chance to reach a broader target group.

How companies use WhatsApp Business via Superchat

WhatsApp is also becoming increasingly important for businesses. To understand how relevant WhatsApp is for companies, we analysed anonymised internal data on messaging. WhatsApp is by far the most important channel, both for companies and for customers.

WhatsApp Statistiken - EN (1).png

ChannelProportion of messages sentProportion of messages received
WhatsApp75.9 %64.6 %
E-Mail5.3 %18.9 %
Instagram13.9 %12.6 %
Facebook1.8 %1.7 %
Google0.4 %0.5 %
Telegram1.3 %1.4 %
SMS1.3 %0.4 %

Faster response to Customer Messages with WhatsApp

Teams that use Superchat prioritise WhatsApp in their daily business. This becomes clear when looking at the first response time. Users of the Superchat messaging platform respond more than twice as fast to WhatsApp messages compared to email.

WhatsApp Statistiken 2 - EN.png

WhatsApp & Co. for Business: Messaging Report 2023
We researched, how important messaging really is.

WhatsApp Statistics about sending Messages

There is also an upward trend in the daily sending of messages. At the end of 2020, around 100 billion WhatsApp messages were sent every day.

Statistic: Number of mobile messages sent through WhatsApp as of 3rd quarter 2020 (in billions) | Statista

In addition, almost 7 billion pictures are sent via WhatsApp every day. In comparison, only about 3.8 billion images are sent via Snapchat.

Can you see how many WhatsApp messages have been sent privately?

WhatsApp users can see How many Messages have been sent in the App's Settings:

  1. Open settings
  2. "Select "Memory and data
  3. Click on "Network usage" and view the data.

There, users will find general data such as the total number of messages sent and received.

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