What is a Chatbot? WhatsApp bots explained

  • Linus Scheibe
  • 12/20/2023
  • 7 min reading time
WhatsApp-Bots: Geheimwaffe in der Kundenkommunikation?

WhatsApp Business is a useful tool for companies. The messaging app provides new opportunities for marketing, sales, customer service, and recruitment. With chatbot tools like Superchat, businesses can now use WhatsApp bots to automate essential processes.

This article explains:

  • what a chatbot is
  • what opportunities WhatsApp bots offer
  • and the areas in which companies use WhatsApp bots.

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What is a chatbot?

Chatbots are computer programs that conduct automated conversations with users. They aim to appear natural. The programs can range from simple rule-based systems to complex AI-controlled models.

The best chatbots can perform a range of tasks for users through automated conversations. They can send information, take orders, arrange appointments, and respond to text messages. By using chatbots, companies can optimize customer communication experiences and processes. The practice saves valuable resources.

The use of chatbot tools is now widespread in many industries. Initially, companies deployed these programs on their websites or mobile apps to interact with people. The increasing popularity of providing services through social media has led to the use of chatbots in messenger applications.

How does a WhatsApp bot work?

The WhatsApp bot is a chatbot that communicates through the widely-used messaging service WhatsApp Business. It blends smoothly with the WhatsApp chat history. This gives users the impression of a natural conversation.

WhatsApp bots usually rely on simple, rule-based systems instead of artificial intelligence. The best chatbot tools, like Superchat, use intuitive modular systems that make it easy to create WhatsApp bots.

Requirements for a WhatsApp bot

To implement a WhatsApp bot, it is crucial to use the official interface, WhatsApp Business API. This is the only way for the bot to send and receive messages while complying with GDPR regulations. Superchat provides a chatbot tool that supports this link.

Meta have set out guidelines for using WhatsApp Bots responsibly, which you should follow. Customers must initiate conversations, and chatbots can only respond within 24 hours.

Why use WhatsApp for a chatbot?

Communication methods have changed in recent years. Nowadays, customers prefer to use digital channels to contact companies instead of making phone calls. Messenger apps have become a popular choice for this purpose.

WhatsApp bots have a significant advantage in their ability to communicate through the world's most popular messaging service. In the United Kingdom alone, there are over 40 million regular users. WhatsApp Business is also much more efficient than conventional communication channels like email.

WhatsApp text messages are:

  • opened by over 90 per cent of recipients
  • answered on average within 90 seconds
  • not sorted out in the spam folder

Compared to well-known website chatbots, the WhatsApp bot has an important advantage. Conversations can continue even if the customer leaves the website. This makes it a much more personal and convenient option to use from a mobile phone.

Why automate conversations with a WhatsApp bot?

Digital communication channels are changing customer expectations. Small companies may find it burdensome to use highly frequented messenger apps for customer contact. Especially if they have a small or non-existent communication team. This can lead to chaos: lost messages, longer response times, and lower quality support.

Automating WhatsApp conversations can help companies optimize their customer interactions. This can provide important competitive advantages for the future.

Saving resources

Chatbots are perfect for automating repetitive tasks. They enable employees to focus on more complex customer inquiries and make better use of their valuable time.

At the same time, WhatsApp bots are available 24/7 without any breaks or holidays. They allow companies to communicate with customers beyond regular office hours.

Optimizing business processes

Chatbots can increase a company's response speed by handling enquiries in real-time. They ensure consistent response quality without the influence of human factors.

WhatsApp bots can also improve entire business processes through automated workflows. For instance, they can automatically process and forward orders, support requests, or appointments.

Improving the customer experience

Chatbots for customer service offer immediate assistance to clients without the need to wait for human responses. This improves the customer experience, especially in situations where users need quick answers to simple questions.

The best chatbots can offer personalized services by using customer data. These services include customised recommendations, offers, and assistance. As a result, customers have a positive and individual experience.

In which areas do WhatsApp bots have a benefit for companies?

Automated conversations can benefit various business models. WhatsApp bots can add value to any business that interacts directly with consumers. E-commerce start-ups, recruitment companies, and pharmacy services are among those that can benefit.


WhatsApp bots can enhance the customer experience by automating conversations and segmenting audiences. This feature allows businesses to send personalized newsletters via WhatsApp with greater ease. These updates may include information about products or special offers.

Customers can use WhatsApp buttons to opt-in for specific use cases. This can potentially increase the success of the next newsletter campaign.


WhatsApp bots offer 24/7 support for the sales team. They can request and process crucial information from potential customers in advance.

Chatbots can use analyzed data to assign new leads to the appropriate contact person. This reduces the time between initial contact and sales conversation.

Customer service

You can create pre-written responses for recurring customer enquiries. Chatbots for customer service can automatically send them in relevant use cases. Link response messages to defined topics using keywords to ensure proper categorization and organization.

Authorized WhatsApp bots can proactively contact customers. This method is useful for reaching out to returning customers who have been inactive for a while.


WhatsApp bots are a significant achievement in creating low entry barriers for potential applicants. They allow for real-time mastery of requesting and providing relevant information with just a few clicks.

Automated scheduling of job interview appointments provides added value. You can use pre-made bot messages to propose and confirm appointments.

Conclusion: Is a WhatsApp bot worth it?

The arguments above demonstrate that a WhatsApp Business API chatbot can create significant opportunities. Companies can save resources, optimize processes, and enhance the customer experience with a WhatsApp bot.

WhatsApp bots are useful for various business models and fields of activity. Companies with direct customer contact can benefit from this technology in marketing, sales, customer service, and recruitment.

In conclusion, you should also know that a WhatsApp bot cannot fully replace humans. Chatbots can provide excellent support for simple and repetitive customer enquiries. However, answering highly complex messages still requires human intervention.

Success Story: Drivetech optimizes the recruiting process with WhatsApp bots

Drivetech Fahrversuch GmbH tests new vehicle models from leading German car manufacturers. The Munich-based company is on course for growth. Thanks to the chatbot tool Superchat, it can simplify the continuous search for test drivers.

Recruiter Dustin Mischak has increased his interview attendance rate by 30% by sending automated appointment reminders via WhatsApp. He is further optimizing the recruiting process by working deeper into the Superchat Automation feature.

Drivetech began using modern messengers such as WhatsApp to communicate with applicants. Recruiter Dustin Mischak received over 3,000 messages and 100 applications via the messenger apps within six months. WhatsApp bots assist him in responding quickly and accurately to inquiries, improving his candidates' experience.

In addition to automated scheduling, Drivetech uses the Superchat chatbot for initial communication with candidates. The WhatsApp bots can provide standardised answers to repetitive questions and ask for important information. This allows Recruiter Dustin Mischak to use his time more efficiently and focus on more complex enquiries.

Create a WhatsApp bot with Superchat

Superchat's intuitive modular system allows you to create your own WhatsApp bot easily, without any coding. You don't need developers or IT resources to create your chatbot.

Your WhatsApp bot's response to incoming customer messages is entirely up to you. You have complete control over when and how it replies.

The Superchat Automation feature provides additional opportunities to automate recurring workflows and increase efficiency.

Would you like to use a WhatsApp bot for your company? Test our WhatsApp Automations demo or simply contact us via WhatsApp!

What other features does Superchat offer?

Superchat is the all-in-one messaging software for your business. Build loyal customer relationships, send & automate newsletters, sell products, answer questions - everything is possible with Superchat.

Here are a few exemplary functions that Superchat can perform to take your corporate communications to the next level.

Universal Inbox

Managing multiple communication channels can be a tedious task. However, you can save time and energy by combining all important channels into one platform. Several tools are available to help you organize incoming messages and analyze team communication.

WhatsApp Business

More than 2.7 billion people use WhatsApp. Be accessible to your target group and use the Messenger for customer service, marketing, sales and recruiting. We take care of your WhatsApp business verification and assure a GDPR compliant use via the WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Newsletter

With Superchat, you can create attractive WhatsApp Newsletter templates with media content, buttons and CTAs. Offer your target group an easy way to sign up for your GDPR-compliant newsletter and manage opt-ins directly in the platform. Keep an eye on your personal dashboard to track the open rate and other KPIs.


The opinion of your customers is important. With Superchat, you can combine important review portals in one central place. Always stay on top of new reviews from Google, ProvenExpert, Trustpilot and more. Send a review invitation via their preferred communication channel and make it even easier to share their experience.


Customize our Messaging Platform for your specific use case. Connect your favorite tools or integrate Superchat with your existing systems. Zapier and Make make it possible to choose from thousands of different integrations. Our own Public API gives you the power to customize Superchat the way you need it.

Webchat, Teamchat and so much more!

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