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  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 4 min reading time

Growing customer expectations become a challenge

When it comes to insurance and financial issues, customers expect fast, individual and high-quality advice. Especially in the case of claims, processing should be uncomplicated and fast. Communication via e-mail is often tedious and time-consuming. Sending pictures and documents in particular is frustrating for customers. In addition, e-mails are often not opened at all or only late.

To escape these problems, many employees use private WhatsApp accounts. A quick solution at first glance, but not an efficient and effective option.

I really enjoy working with WhatsApp, but you have to meet certain legal requirements.
Alejandro Fernandez, HYPO14
Alejandro Fernandez, HYPO14

The use of private WhatsApp accounts or the WhatsApp business app does not comply with the GDPR. In the worst case, this could result in a costly warning. Apart from that, forwarding documents is cumbersome and the WhatsApp account cannot be used by several employees at the same time. The result: messages are lost, overlooked or answered late.

A scenario that ultimately frustrates customers and employees alike. Especially dissatisfied customers often leave negative online reviews that affect your company's reputation.

In addition, disappointed customers are usually not willing to use further services and switch to the competition. This not only makes it more difficult to win new customers, but also makes it more difficult to exploit the potential of existing customers.

Why finance & insurance brokers choose Superchat

Communication must become more digital. A vision that unites many companies from the finance and insurance industry.

To make communication more responsive to incoming requests, companies like Berlin Finanz use the Superchat platform. With Superchat, important communication channels, such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook and webchat, are bundled into one platform.

We chose Superchat because we want to give our target group a fast and secure way to communicate.
Jan Kunkel, Berlin Finance
Jan Kunkel, Berlin Finance

Standing by customers when it really matters

Superchat enables better accessibility across all messaging and communication channels. Ultimately, the customer can choose which channel to use to send the message to the company.

In addition to contact options such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, email and co., brokers benefit from the integration of a webchat on the company's own website. After all, the website is usually the first point of contact, both for existing and new customers.

A webchat increases the number of enquiries via the website by up to 12 percent. Berlin Finanz uses this opportunity and offers customers a simple contact option via the website. In the webchat, the customer chooses whether the enquiry is to be sent via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or e-mail.

The software and its functions are self-explanatory after a short onboarding process and easy to integrate into the individual workflow.
Joshua Knierim, ProConsult GmbH
Joshua Knierim, ProConsult GmbH

Thanks to Superchat, customer enquiries are answered more efficiently and the entire communication is clearer. With the WhatsApp Business API, HYPO14 employees now use the messenger in a DSGVO-compliant manner, with multiple users and from multiple smartphones. In this way, the company ensures secure and uncomplicated communication.

Sending important documents, files or pictures via WhatsApp is easier than ever for employees and customers. Received documents are easily saved in the customer data via drag-and-drop.

Your company's reputation is just as important as smooth communication. Positive online reviews are extremely important, especially for finance and insurance brokers whose services are built on customer trust. Through Superchat, you can send review reminders to satisfied customers without hesitation, improving your reviews. You will be notified of new reviews and can respond accordingly.


Efficient processes and satisfied customers

Companies such as HYPO14, BerlinFinanz or ProConsult GmbH are already taking a pioneering position in terms of efficient and digital customer communication.

The bundling of communication channels provides the necessary overview and efficient work processes in the team. The use of WhatsApp personalises communication and speeds up the handling of customer concerns. Compared to email, the open rate of WhatsApp messages is over 90 percent.

WhatsApp templates help to speed up processes. Customers are reminded of upcoming appointments, missing documents or assessment invitations without much effort. Keep your existing and new customers up to date with the WhatsApp newsletter and inform them about current promotions and important information.

Example template for WhatsApp 📱

Dear customer,

we are currently still waiting for your documents. Please send us the documents as discussed.Thank you and best regards

{{ companyName }}

The uncomplicated exchange and personal support has an effect on the loyalty of your customers. Happy customers are more inclined to take up further financial or insurance products from the same company. The investment in communication and in the relationship with existing customers pays off in the long run.

How financial and insurance companies benefit from Superchat

  • 80% of WhatsApp messages are answered after the first opening
  • 12% more customer enquiries via webchat
  • 2x higher upselling potential with existing customers
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Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt
Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.