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Allianz General Agency Völker Finance reduces service processing time by 60% with Superchat

Insurance companies use various digital tools in their operational business. Superchat integrates into the software ecosystem and forms the core of a successful corporate communication for the Allianz agency Völker Finance.
  • 07/14/2023
  • 4 min reading time
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Allianz general agency Völker Finance is a specialist for mortgage financing, financial investments and insurance. The agency offers its customers expert advice with the highest possible transparency.

Thomas Völker, Managing Director of the general agency with almost 30 years of professional experience, recognized the potential of WhatsApp for companies at an early stage and invested in Superchat.

This is how Völker Finance benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business with 4 users and multiple devices at the same time,
  • Standardized transmission of insurance forms via WhatsApp templates,
  • Simultaneous chat management and assignments in a unified universal inbox,
  • Straightforward integration of Superchat into the existing software ecosystem and automated messaging using Zapier,
  • Sending company updates to existing clients using the WhatsApp newsletter,
  • Compliance with documentation requirements with non-manipulable conversations in Superchat,
  • Time savings in the service area of around 60%.
Superchat is the central building block in our customer communication. WhatsApp provides us as an insurer with a new and powerful channel. And all of this complies with the GDPR. At the same time, we can connect other software solutions and send automatic WhatsApp messages. This makes our work much more efficient.
Profilbild Thomas Völker
Thomas Völker, Managing Director

What aspects convinced Völker Finance of Superchat?

Thomas Völker, Managing Director of Allianz Generalvertretung with almost 30 years of experience in the insurance business, recognized the potential of WhatsApp in corporate communications at an early stage.

The team was already using the WhatsApp business app before implementing Superchat - but quickly reached the operational limits of the application. In 2021, Thomas Völker was made aware of Superchat by a colleague.

While the messaging platform at the time was completely different than it is today, it still provided a light bulb moment for Thomas:

WhatsApp Business with multiple users and devices, simultaneous chat and assignments in a unified inbox.

Insurers like Allianz Völker Finance also rely on compliance with a documentation requirement. Non-manipulable chats on the messaging platform support the general agency in its implementation.

All these reasons convinced Thomas Völker to launch with Superchat in the summer of 2021. Both companies have grown together since then.

Superchat success indicators

The successful use of Superchat is reflected in various performance indicators at the general agency:

  • 100% of lead processing occurs in Superchat.
  • 50% of all case closings occur on the messaging platform.
  • General time savings in the service area of around 60%.

How Völker Finance uses Superchat

Völker Finance uses Superchat, among other things, for the standardized transmission of insurance forms, automated lead processing and the sending of newsletters via WhatsApp. At the same time, the general agency bundles and structures various communication channels in the universal inbox.

Transmission of insurance forms

For the optimal transmission of insurance offers, the quick collection of SEPA mandates or other inquiries, two components are important: an uncomplicated form and an effective communication channel.

For the first, Völker Finance relies on Flixcheck. With this tool, the insurer creates GDPR-compliant fully digital forms. These are in turn sent via WhatsApp and Superchat.

WhatsApp templates enable standardized communication in this case. These can be created in Superchat in just a few minutes and can be used in any conversation. At the same time, free text modules allow for personalization of the messages.

Links to Flixcheck forms are inserted into WhatsApp messages via modules and sent to the respective contact.

Automated lead processing

In addition to standalone lead generation, Allianz systems and databases provide another source of contacts for Völker Finance.

In this process, three tools are connected with the help of Zapier: Google Forms, Trello and WhatsApp Business via Superchat.

💡 What is Zapier?

Zapier lets you connect different software applications and automate work processes. For instance, it allows you to send automated WhatsApp messages based on events in your CRM, marketing automation or eCommerce system.

In the first step, leads from database systems fill out a form via Google Forms. This event serves as a trigger for the Zapier automation. In the next step, entries are automatically created in the Trello project management tool. The data for this comes from the respective Google Form.

For the initial contact with potential customers, WhatsApp messages are sent via Superchat in the last step. This enables Allianz Völker Finance to minimize the delay time until the first contact, which is crucial in sales.

WhatsApp newsletter for company updates

With the help of WhatsApp newsletters, companies can reach a large number of recipients at the same time via the most popular messenger.

Völker Finance uses WhatsApp campaigns to inform its existing customer base about relevant company updates.

In this context, WhatsApp newsletters with a corresponding opt-in can be considered a GDPR-compliant alternative to WhatsApp groups.

Communication in the universal inbox

Message flows merge in the universal inbox of Superchat. Here, Völker Finance can create various inboxes with different communication channels for different use cases and employees. The multi-purpose inbox also offers features for effective processing of individual conversations.

With labels, chats are highlighted according to topic. Depending on whether the conversation is about a new or existing customer, a damage claim or a customer inquiry, for example. Assignments can be used to assign conversations to the right administrator. As soon as these are completed, chats are marked as " done".

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