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Duratio doubles Conversion Rates with Superchat and WhatsApp Business

Converting prospects into customers quickly and easily - that is Duratio's goal. Find out how the company uses WhatsApp Business along the entire customer journey.
  • 07/20/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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Duratio is a broker of personal loans and construction financing. On the digital platform, interested parties can easily submit loan requests, which are checked and approved by Duratio. On the one hand, Duratio acquires new customers independently, while at the same time also partners with other big platforms.

Duratio's target group is broad. Between the age of majority and retirement, all customer segments are interesting for the financial service provider. The decisive factor for Duratio, regardless of the target group, is fast and customer-oriented support along the entire customer journey.

In the financial industry, speed and swift communication with prospects and clients are the key to business success
Kevin Kählitz Duratio
Kevin Kählitz, Head of Sales Private Loan Department

What aspects convinced Duratio of Superchat?

Before working with Superchat, Duratio was already using a product from another messaging software provider to anchor the use of WhatsApp within its own communication strategy.

Despite the solid cooperation with Superchat's market companion to date, Duratio decided to change providers. The following reasons were decisive for this:

  • Superchat offers the use of WhatsApp templates to proactively and directly address prospects and customers.
  • Free trial period of Superchat's messaging platform, which facilitated the provider change
  • Efficient and comprehensive onboarding, as well as Superchat's willingness to customise the product to meet Duratio's needs

GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp along the entire customer journey.

The use of Superchat and WhatsApp Business is advanced and professionalised at Duratio. A total of 48 sales employees with 40 individual numbers are currently using Superchat's messaging platform.

Prospects submit a credit application to Duratio on the website. The company checks the creditworthiness and, if the outcome is positive, contacts the interested party by E-Mail or SMS. At the same time, Duratio integrates the first touchpoint for the use of WhatsApp here. Prospective customers can click on a link to get directly into the chat with Duratio.

As soon as the loan contract is drawn up and/or the sum is ready for payout, customers receive notifications via WhatsApp. This allows Duratio to complete purchase processes faster and more effectively.

By using Superchat and WhatsApp Business, we were able to double our conversion rate of qualified loan enquiries to 50-60%, while halving the average turnaround time.
Kevin Kählitz Duratio
Kevin Kählitz, Head of Sales Private Loan Department

Duratio is also available to its customers via WhatsApp after the contract has been signed. All relevant documents are conveniently sent to the customer via WhatsApp.

In addition to the successful use of Superchat for customer acquisition, Duratio uses Superchat's Universal Inbox for team organisation. With a number of 48 users and an equally high number of incoming enquiries, structured internal management is essential. With the help of Superchat, incoming messages and chats are assigned to the relevant Duratio employees. Via Superchat's Team-Chat, the respective employees can exchange information on relevant topics at the same time.

How Duratio benefits from Superchat

  • Higher conversion rates and faster sales through the GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Templates.
  • More control and transparency by bundling all relevant communication channels within the Universal Inbox.
  • Improved communication between employees with the help of team chat
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Fabian Rabenalt
Fabian Rabenalt
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Fabian is Marketing Manager at Superchat. His main topics include B2B marketing and corporate communications.