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Wickr: The World's most Secure Messenger?

  • Christina Wendt
  • 1/27/2022
  • 3 min reading time
Wickr: The World's most Secure Messenger?

Messaging is one of the most popular forms of communication. Privately, people text and chat with friends and colleagues every day. Messengers are also becoming increasingly important in corporate communication.

An important topic in this context is data protection and the processing of personal data. The messenger Wickr, which is primarily used in the USA, is considered particularly secure. Even US government organisations use Wickr for communication.

What is Wickr?

Wickr is an American software company based in New York that was founded in 2012. The company is best known for the messenger apps of the same name. These include Wickr Me, Wickr Pro and Wickr Enterprise. While Wickr Me is designed for private individuals, Wickr Pro and the Enterprise version were developed for professional users and companies.

Users do not need to provide an email address or phone number to register with Wickr Me. This ensures that no user data is collected. With features such as screen or location sharing and online status, Wickr can also be used as a collaboration tool.

In summer 2021, the messenger was bought by online retailer Amazon. Since then, Wickr has belonged to the cloud computing division AWS and is intended to open up new relevant target groups for the group.

How does Wickr earn money?

Revenue is generated primarily through the paid versions of the messenger. For the "Silver" tariff, for example, Wickr charges 4.99 US dollars per user and month. The functions of this tariff are primarily intended to appeal to small businesses. The "Gold" and "Platinum" packages, on the other hand, are more extensive and more expensive.

Is Wickr Me safe?

The messenger from the USA promises to be particularly secure. So secure that even government and military institutions use the app. Experts also rate Wickr as a secure messenger app.

Users can set themselves how long messages, photos or other files are visible in the chat. Afterwards, the contents are automatically deleted.

Messages, images and files are sent encrypted and deleted files cannot be recovered. Wickr supports two-factor authentication, encryption of messages is enabled by default and every user has access to transparency reports.

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Conclusion: No alternative to WhatsApp Business in Germany

Wickr is a secure messenger that is popular and widespread especially in North America. In Europe and Germany, Wickr probably cannot keep up with WhatsApp's user numbers.

There are no official user figures. But the fact is that WhatsApp is still the most popular messaging channel in Germany with more than 60 million daily users. So the messenger from the USA is not really suitable for communicating with customers.

With the WhatsApp API, on the other hand, companies are able to contact customers in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner. In addition to automatic replies, newsletters can now also be sent again.

With Superchat, you use the most popular messenger together with other channels efficiently in customer communication. Messages from WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, Email and SMS are bundled in one inbox. On the one hand, you as an entrepreneur have all messages in view. On the other hand, your customers have numerous communication options at their disposal.

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Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.