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Comparison: Is Superchat a MessengerPeople Alternative?

  • Christina Wendt
  • 5/14/2021
  • 5 min reading time
Ist Superchat eine MessengerPeople Alternative?

Are you currently looking for a platform with which you can bundle your communication channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp and Co. Or are you possibly already using MessengerPeople or another platform? Small and medium-sized companies in particular should do their research about functions and prices before making a decision.

In this article, you will learn how much MessengerPeople's platform costs, what features it offers and whether Superchat can be a suitable MessengerPeople alternative for your business.

About MessengerPeople

MessengerPeople was founded in 2015 and describes itself as a pioneer in messenger services. Since September 2021, MessengerPeople is part of Sinch, a Swedish telecommunications company.

MessengerPeople offers different plans for businesses depending on their size and requirements. In addition to digital customer service features, MessengerPeople's platform offers ways to use messenger in marketing as well.

Included are the most important messengers. In addition to WhatsApp, these include Instagram, Facebook, Apple, Telegram, Viber and a web chat. Important communication channels such as e-mail and SMS are not offered.

Depending on the package, companies have at least one "channel" at their disposal. Companies that want to use MessengerPeople for different brands and languages can add more channels for an additional fee. If the included number of agents (employees) is not enough, more users can also be added for an extra charge.

Access to the MessengerPeople platform is currently only available from desktop or laptop. The company does not currently offer a mobile app for tablets or smartphones. This makes it difficult for companies or employees who want to respond to customer messages on the go and from any location.

How Superchat compares to MessengerPeople

MessengerPeople's lowest-priced package provides an introduction to the topic of messenger communication. However, companies only get the full range of functions with the medium package, which costs at least €499 per month.

With Superchat, you can have comprehensive messaging features at an affordable price. "At Superchat, we fully understand that many companies cannot afford a high budget for software solutions. We offer you a streamlined, intuitive software in which you can bundle all your customer enquiries - without any unnecessary bells and whistles," says co-founder of Superchat Yilmaz Köknar.

Is Superchat an alternative to MessengerPeople? In the end, the decision is yours. So compare prices and features carefully before making a choice.

MessengerPeople Alternative: Features compared

Both MessengerPeople and Superchat offer attractive messaging solutions for businesses. What's in favor of Superchat's messaging platform? Here is a selection of different features:

Capterra Rating4,84,3
Team Chat
Mobile App
Google Cusiness Chat
Online Review Management
Google Review Code Generator
Facebook Messenger
Multiple Users
Internal Notes

MessengerPeople Alternative: Advantages with Superchat

Both MessengerPeople and Superchat offer comprehensive messaging solutions for businesses. What are the advantages of Superchat's messaging platform?

More than messaging

Superchat's business solution is more than just messaging. Compared to MessengerPeople, Superchat's inbox includes email and SMS in addition to the main messenger channels.

No matter which channel a customer uses to contact you: All communication ends up in the software and can be managed and answered from here. On top of that, Superchat has Google Business Chat. Messages that you receive directly via your Google Business profile also end up in the universal inbox.

A real stand-alone feature is the Superchat team chat. You communicate via Superchat not only with customers, but also with your employees. In group chats, you exchange information on current topics, tasks, and customer inquiries.

Gain more positive reviews

A second important advantage over MessengerPeople: With Superchat, you not only bundle your channels and messages, but can even sustainably increase your turnover. How does that work?

With Superchat, you successfully close orders faster and can ask your customers for reviews with the right review template. These reviews are proven to increase the number of your prospects and therefore the number of your new customers, which in the end leads to more sales.

Don't forget that positive reviews are worth hard cash today: Because they are read by almost all online users before buying a product or commissioning a service. In addition, a lot of positive reviews increase the visibility of your company on the web, so that you will be found by even more prospective customers in the long run. It is therefore all the more important that you actively take care of your review management and collect many new positive reviews. And that works best with Superchat.

The industry you are in is completely irrelevant to the use of the software. "In fact, Superchat is used regardless of the industry. For example, our customers work as lawyers, mechanics or real estate agents. The platform is equally well suited for all these different professions," assures co-founder of Superchat Mika Hally.

Orthodontist Philipp Gebhardt successfully uses Superchat in everyday business life

The orthodontic practice Biss45 from Berlin has also been using Superchat for about a year. Founder Philipp Gebhardt chose the software because he received very few reviews. With around 7,000 patients in the last few years, he was only able to collect 60 reviews on Google.

This has now changed with Superchat: "In the first two weeks of using the software alone, we received 50 honest and authentic reviews on Google!"

MessengerPeople Alternative: Superchat Convinces with these Features

These features of Superchat will make your everyday business life easier:

  • Universal mailbox incl. email, SMS & Google Business Chat
  • Internal team chat with group function
  • Manage rating portals such as Google, ProvenExpert and Co.
  • Comment on reviews within Superchat
  • Create Google Rating Links & Invites
  • Mobile app for iOS & Android

Has that convinced you? Then try Superchat today! Simply register for the demo version and compare the advantages of Superchat compared to MessengerPeople at your leisure.

Would you like to use Superchat? Do you have any questions about our product? Contact us easily and without obligation here via WhatsApp, or write us an email at We look forward to hearing from you!

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Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.