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Job Applications via WhatsApp: Here's how

  • Christina Wendt
  • 3/17/2022
  • 4 min reading time
Applications via WhatsApp: Here's how

WhatsApp is already an important part of customer communication for many companies. What many entrepreneurs do not know: recruitment can also benefit from WhatsApp. After all, several million people in the United Kingdom use the messenger every day and the younger generation in particular appreciates modern application processes.

In this article you will learn:

  • how to manage applications via WhatsApp,
  • What is important in the application process via Messenger?
  • and what companies and applicants should look out for.

For companies: Should you accept applications via WhatsApp?

Recruiting is a challenge for many companies. The search for qualified employees and talents is becoming increasingly difficult and vacancies usually have to be filled quickly. In addition, the demands of applicants are constantly increasing and companies have to literally court them.

Generation Z plays a very special role when it comes to recruiting challenges. To reach this generation, companies have to rethink. Away from traditional contact forms or long online questionnaires and towards mobile recruiting.

Applying via WhatsApp has many advantages for both sides. Sending documents is simplified, communication is accelerated and a dialogue is created that makes the whole application process more personal.

WhatsApp application advantages:

  • Simple contact options
  • Fast communication
  • Easy sending of documents

Data protection & application via WhatsApp: Does that fit together?

The General Data Protection Regulation has been in force in the European Union for several years. This regulates how companies have to deal with personal data. From this point of view, WhatsApp as a means of communication is repeatedly criticised.

The private version of WhatsApp and the WhatsApp Business App are not GDPR-compliant and should not be used commercially for this reason. The only data protection-compliant solution for mobile recruiting via WhatsApp is the WhatsApp Business API.

Receive applications via WhatsApp

To make it as easy as possible for potential applicants to get in touch, different contact points should be offered. One possibility is to offer WhatsApp via a web chat with other channels on the website. Interested parties can send messages or ask questions directly via this.

WhatsApp QR Codes & Links

Apart from that, it is a good idea to add a WhatsApp link or a WhatsApp QR code to the job advertisement. Applicants will be forwarded directly to a chat with the company via this link. In the chat window, ready-made messages can be stored that applicants can send to the company.

Tip: WhatsApp links for applications can also be placed in Facebook Ads or other advertisements.

Automatic answers & templates

You have received a new application? With an automatic reply, you inform applicants about the receipt of the application documents and, if necessary, point out other important documents. WhatsApp templates facilitate communication and can be used along the entire recruiting process.

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WhatsApp application: What candidates should bear in mind

Not only companies benefit from a fast application process. Communication via WhatsApp is also advantageous from the applicant's point of view. However, in order for the application to be successful, a few things need to be taken into account.

Pay attention to the quality of the application

A positive appearance is important, but the quality of the application is crucial. In a WhatsApp message as well as in the CV or in the letter of application, attention should be paid to spelling. If attachments are sent as photo files rather than PDFs, the quality should also be taken into account. Documents should always be easy to read and recognise.

Quick reactions show interest

Are additional documents required? Are there any unanswered questions that need urgent clarification? Quick answers underline the interest and show the employer that the application is meant seriously.

Pay attention to the tone

Privately, communication via WhatsApp is usually very casual. After all, it is the most popular channel to communicate with friends and acquaintances. WhatsApp also loosens up communication between applicants and potential employers. As an applicant, however, you should always keep in mind that it is about an application and a company, not your best friend.

Positive appearance with WhatsApp application

In this context, the profile picture, for example, should be checked before applying via WhatsApp. The WhatsApp profile picture does not necessarily have to be a professional application photo, but a positive appearance is still an advantage.

Receive applications via WhatsApp with Superchat

With Superchat, you get access to the WhatsApp Business API, among other important channels. Via WhatsApp, you communicate conveniently with your customers and with your applicants. The template function allows you to design communication efficiently and save time. Documents can be easily shared as a file or photo and saved in the internal contact data via drag-and-drop.

Would you like to learn more about how to use WhatsApp as a recruiting channel? Do you have questions about the WhatsApp Business API? Contact us easily and without obligation via WhatsApp, or arrange a demo directly with one of our messaging experts.

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Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.