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ucm.agency doubles the reach of its student audience with Superchat

Modern communication channels are needed to better reach young job seekers. With Superchat, ucm.agency shifts recruiting, marketing and support to messengers such as WhatsApp.
  • 02/09/2024
  • 3 min reading time

UCM is a digital recruitment agency specialising in placing students as event staff or temporary workers. Founded in 2014, the agency has now gained the trust of over 60,000 young workers with its state-of-the-art booking platform.

Christopher Raeck, Head of Student Success at UCM, understands the needs of his student target group. To reach young people on their preferred channels, such as WhatsApp, he is shifting communication to messenger platforms.

How ucm.agency benefits from Superchat

Christopher Raeck can:

  • Use WhatsApp Business in compliance with GDPR and with multiple users
  • Send personalised WhatsApp newsletters with new job opportunities
  • Manage channels, chats, campaigns and contacts in one universal inbox
  • Easily integrate Superchat with existing software system
Superchat has become indispensable, especially for last-minute customer requests. We can reach our students in a very short time and complete projects 100% at lightning speed.
Christopher Raeck, Head of Student Success
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What aspects of Superchat convinced ucm.agency?

Christopher Raeck was already familiar with Superchat before joining the recruitment agency UCM. Implementing the all-in-one messaging platform in his new working environment was a declared goal from the start.

The ucm.agency team had long been interested in WhatsApp Business as an interface to the young target group of students. However, a suitable software solution was lacking for the up-and-coming company.

Christopher Raeck's presentation of Superchat was met with great enthusiasm. For UCM employees, the platform was a key "aha" moment:

Send GDPR-compliant messages as well as newsletters via WhatsApp Business and coordinate chats with multiple users in a universal inbox.

Easily managing conversations, campaigns, staff and contacts on one platform gives UCM's dynamic team the flexibility they need. Not only do they reach their students more often, they do it faster and in a more targeted way.

All these reasons convinced ucm.agency to launch Superchat towards the end of 2023. Since then, the two companies have grown together.

Superchat success factors

The successful use of Superchat is reflected in various success indicators at ucm.agency:

  • min. 50% increase in reachability of the student target group
  • over 3,500 incoming messenger messages in the first month
  • Noticeable reduction in workload due to less phone calls

How ucm.agency uses Superchat

WhatsApp Business

Superchat routes all WhatsApp conversations to German servers via the official WhatsApp Business API. This is essential for ucm.agency to reach its student target group via WhatsApp in a GDPR-compliant way.

And it pays off: the recruitment agency can establish more conversations with students via the world's most popular messenger than via any other communication channel.

For example, QR codes in job adverts direct young jobseekers to WhatsApp. There, the UCM team can guide them through the placement process in a quick, easy and very personal way.

Support enquiries can also be handled much more efficiently and successfully thanks to the short response times in WhatsApp conversations.

WhatsApp newsletter for new job offers

With the WhatsApp newsletter, ucm.agency can forward new job offers to interested students with just a few clicks. Here too, the messenger outperforms traditional communication channels, with an average open rate of 98 per cent.

In Superchat, Christopher Raeck creates templates for WhatsApp messages that he can reuse for newsletters. A new job advertisement simply needs to be embedded in the existing template and can be sent out in no time at all.

The UCM team can also categorise contacts and conversations in their day-to-day work, for example using labels and contact attributes. As a result, newsletters can be targeted and tailored to filtered audience segments, dramatically increasing their chances of success.


Communication in the universal inbox

Labels and contact attributes are just one of many components that make ucm.agency's work in Superchat's universal inbox easier. For Christopher Rack, the coordination of different users and teams is particularly important for communication.

In this respect, the employee assignments in the inbox prove to be very valuable. Employees at ucm.agency chat with support in parallel in the software and know at a glance which issue is their responsibility. Completed conversations can be marked as done.

However, the most fundamental and valuable feature of the universal inbox remains the bundling of chats from different communication channels in a central software. In addition to WhatsApp Business, Christopher Raeck has integrated Facebook, Instagram and Google Business as messengers.

UCM was also able to manage the Telegram, email and SMS channels in this interface.

Linus Scheibe
Linus Scheibe
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Linus is Marketing Manager at Superchat and is responsible for various content formats. He is also very familiar with the start-up scene.