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marta scales WhatsApp Business with CRM integrations for Superchat

The support service integrates WhatsApp Business with Superchat into its business processes. Customer data is intelligently synchronised using CRM integrations and programming interfaces.
  • 02/19/2024
  • 3 min reading time

marta offers care for senior citizens in their own homes. As an alternative to old age homes, the up-and-coming company provides carers for 24-hour care - fully digitised and on the first transparent marketplace of its kind.

In addition to the practical, fully digital process via an app, marta's successful concept includes personal advice for families and independent recruitment of carers. The company manages the increased communication effort with sophisticated software integrations and automations for WhatsApp Business.

How marta benefits from Superchat:

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business with multiple users
  • Automated data maintenance with WhatsApp integrations for Salesforce & Co.
  • Parallel chat management with employee assignments in the universal inbox
  • Time-saving communication with WhatsApp templates and text modules
Our staff are particularly pleased with the ease of use of Superchat!
Falk Zanini, Entrepreneur in Residence
Falk Zanini, Entrepreneur in Residence
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What convinced marta to use Superchat?

marta realised early on that many Eastern European carers preferred WhatsApp as a communication channel. However, it proved impossible to seamlessly integrate personal WhatsApp accounts into the startup's all-digital process.

Looking for a scalable solution for WhatsApp Business, the team tested several software providers. They finally found the right all-in-one messaging platform in Superchat. An aha moment:

Superchat made it easy to connect and use WhatsApp Business with the existing Salesforce software system. A clear interface makes daily work easier for all users of the platform.

For these reasons, marta chose Superchat at the turn of the year 2023/24. Since then, the team has continuously developed new automation for communication and data management processes.

How marta uses Superchat

marta uses various features of Superchat to optimise the use of WhatsApp Business within the team and in conjunction with the existing software system.

The startup organises an automated data flow between Superchat and the CRM system Salesforce as well as other databases using intuitive no-code integration tools such as make.

The features of the universal inbox and WhatsApp templates increase the response speed and efficiency of marta's customer advisors. In particular, small enquiries can be dealt with more quickly than by email or phone.

Intuitive integrations with Superchat and Salesforce

For a fully digital communication process, marta needed to integrate all social messaging channels into its existing data management system. With Superchat and make, the connection between WhatsApp Business, Salesforce and the customer database was successful.

Make is particularly handy because it is a very visual and easy to learn no-code software integration tool. It covers our use cases and allows for complexity where it is needed.
Falk Zanini, Entrepreneur in Residence
Falk Zanini, Entrepreneur in Residence

A useful example of how Superchat can be integrated with Salesforce is to automatically assign employees to incoming WhatsApp conversations.

Using Salesforce contact data, new Superchat participants can be identified as existing customers and assigned to the appropriate contact person. Automated contact data synchronisation enables fast and consistent communication.

This means that key customer data and links to third-party systems are also easily available in the Superchat. At the same time, synchronisation also enables GDPR-compliant deletion of customer data in Superchat.

Scalable team coordination in the universal inbox

Superchat's universal inbox is the right solution for organising business communication in a growing team with increasing message requests.

It gives employees in different teams an overview of the WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Google Business communication channels they use. Incoming messages from the various messengers can be processed chronologically on a central platform.

In addition, the marta team uses intuitive features for parallel collaboration between multiple users in the inbox. They can assign chats to each other, add notes and update the processing status. No message goes unanswered.

Inboxes can be conveniently accessed via mobile phone, desktop application or website. Different access levels are available.

Easy chat personalisation with WhatsApp templates

In Superchat, agents can create WhatsApp templates to proactively write to customers, but also to save time when answering recurring questions.

A key feature of the templates is text modules that can be included in messages. For example, stored contact attributes can be automatically embedded into the text to personalise the chat process. The marta team can use predefined values such as first names or create their own attributes.

In addition, various media can be integrated into the templates to enrich the messages with images or documents. The use of predefined templates ensures consistent quality and prevents typing errors.

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