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Drivetech increases interview attendance by 30% with Superchat

Fast growing service companies like Drivetech face the challenge of high staffing requirements. In this case, Superchat is the right tool to make the recruitment process particularly efficient.
  • 12/19/2023
  • 5 min reading time

Drivetech Fahrversuch GmbH tests new vehicle models from leading German car manufacturers and is on course for growth. Thanks to Superchat, the Munich-based company is able to simplify its ongoing search for test drivers.

Since recruiter Dustin Mischak started sending standardized appointment reminders via WhatsApp, his interview attendance rate has increased significantly. He is currently familiarizing himself with the Superchat Automation feature to further streamline the recruitment process.

How drivetech benefits from Superchat

Dustin Mischak and another colleague use several Superchat tools. The following features enable him to modernise and streamline drivetech's complex recruitment process.

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business
  • WhatsApp templates for sending standardized appointment reminders
  • WhatsApp chatbots for automated responses to enquiries
  • Universal inbox for a better overview of cross-channel communication
  • Webchat for easy contact with prospects
  • Intuitive review tool for Google and Kununu
"The appointment reminders via WhatsApp are very helpful for our candidates when life gets a bit hectic. And I've discovered a new favourite tool in Superchat with the automations. It allows us to answer our candidates' questions even faster and more targeted."
Dustin Mischak, Recruiter
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What aspects convinced drivetech about Superchat?

Recruiter Dustin Mischak took advantage of Superchat's 14-day free trial to see for himself.

In the spring of 2023, he was looking for the right software to organize drivetech's various messenger services. Several suppliers presented him with solutions. However, none of them were able to bring together all the relevant social media channels on a single messaging platform.

With Superchat, Dustin Mischak was able to consolidate messages from all the communication channels he uses into one inbox for the first time. He uses WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and Google Messenger for drivetech's modern recruitment process.

He was also impressed with the WhatsApp templates during the test phase. They make communication with his candidates particularly quick and easy. The GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business was also a decisive factor.

All these reasons convinced Dustin Mischak to launch Superchat in the spring of 2023. Since then, the two companies have grown together. The recruiter is excited about the new features and is currently testing automation with WhatsApp chatbots.

Superchat success indicators

The successful use of Superchat at drivetech Fahrversuch GmbH is reflected in various success indicators:

  • 30% increase in attendance at job interviews
  • Over 100 job applications via WhatsApp and social media in six months
  • Over 3.000 incoming messages via WhatsApp and social media in six months

How drivetech uses Superchat

Dustin Mischak uses the Superchat messaging platform primarily to modernise and streamline Drivetech's recruitment process. He uses WhatsApp Business to send standardised interview reminders, while chatbots automatically respond to incoming application queries.

The recruiter also uses the universal inbox to gain a better overview of Drivetech's cross-channel communications. Meanwhile, features such as web chat and the assessment tool make it easier for candidates to contact and rate the company online.

GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business

With the help of Superchat, drivetech can communicate in compliance with GDPR via the official WhatsApp Business API. The advantages of using WhatsApp as a messenger service are obvious.

WhatsApp messages are:

  • used by over 60 million people in Germany
  • opened by 90 per cent of recipients
  • replied to on average within 90 seconds
  • not sorted out in the spam folder

In six months, Dustin Mischak has received more than 3,000 messages and 100 applications on messaging platforms such as WhatsApp. His feedback reaches candidates quickly and accurately on their personal smartphones.

Sending standardized appointment reminders

Using Superchat's extensive WhatsApp features, Dustin can save messages he uses repeatedly as templates. This standardises the exchange of important information and saves time.

At the same time, message modules allow him to automatically integrate individual contact details into the templates. For example, first names, dates or self-defined values can be retrieved and sent directly from the stored contact details. The valuable personalisation of the recruitment process is maintained.

WhatsApp templates can:

  • standardize the communication of information
  • be personalized with stored contact details
  • save resources and improve user experience

Candidates at drivetech receive standardised interview reminders directly to their smartphones via WhatsApp. Since using WhatsApp templates, Dustin Mischak has seen an increase in interview attendance (+30%).

In general, WhatsApp templates are great for automated responses, quick updates and newsletters.

Automated response to application requests

Using Superchat's automation feature, Dustin Mischak can easily create automated chatbots and workflows. This is another way in which the Drivetech recruiter is streamlining processes and saving resources.

WhatsApp bots are a milestone in creating the lowest possible barriers to entry for potential candidates. Asking for and providing relevant information in advance can be done in real-time with just a few clicks.

Automated appointment scheduling for interviews provides additional value. Both appointment suggestions and confirmations can be implemented via pre-designed bot messages.

WhatsApp chatbots can:

  • Improve user experiences
  • Optimise business processes
  • Save resources

By using Superchat Automation, Dustin Mischak can have simple and repetitive queries answered automatically. This allows the recruiter to focus on more complex tasks and organise his time efficiently. Try the Superchat WhatsApp bot now!

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Overview in cross-channel communication

Dustin Mischak uses Superchat's universal inbox to collect messages from all the messenger services he uses. This gives him a better overview of cross-channel communication and other benefits.

Drivetech Fahrversuch GmbH can create different inboxes for different channels, use cases and employees. Chats can also be thematically tagged and assigned to the right people.

The universal inbox can:

  • Merge messages from various channels chronologically
  • Topically tag, categorize and assign conversations to employees
  • Organize communication more clearly

Since using the universal inbox, Dustin Mischak has only needed one platform to organise his communications. The recruiter no longer has to open the various apps for WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other messenger services.

Simplify the contact process

By installing the Superchat webchat, drivetech can make even better use of its own website to start the dialogue. The feature provides an easy way for candidates to contact the company at any time.

Dustin Mischak can tailor his webchat to the needs of his target audience and incorporate drivetech's branding. The recruiter has integrated his favourite messenger WhatsApp at the top. This allows him to redirect conversations with his candidates to their smartphones as quickly as possible.

The webchat can:

  • integrate all supported messenger services
  • be customised according to target group and branding
  • initiate conversations and redirect them directly to the smartphone

Since using web chat, Dustin Mischak has received even more messages via popular messenger services. Most of the conversations start on WhatsApp. It is more efficient than traditional communication channels such as email.

📚 Reading Tip

Simplify business valuations

With Superchat's intuitive review tool, recruiter Dustin Mischak can centralise and manage multiple review sites. For drivetech, he uses Google Reviews and Kununu.

A valuable feature is the ability to send low-threshold review invitations. Applicants for a drivetech test drive can receive direct links to review sites. This is a process that Dustin can automate.

The rating tool can:

  • bundle and manage different review portals
  • send and automate review invitations
  • make the collection of reviews more efficient

By using Superchat's review tool, Dustin Mischak ensures that he has an overview of opinions about drivetech. The recruiter has also been able to encourage more candidates to leave a review and use the feedback to improve processes.

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