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For Steve Pierce, messaging chaos is history

Answering each message individually is a huge challenge with the large number of messages that reach Steve Pierce every day. Find out how the piercing studio has been able to improve communication with its customers.
  • 06/27/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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For Steve Pierce, the well-being of his customers comes first. Steve Pierce® GmbH is a popular piercing and tattoo studio from Böblingen. The studio is a pioneer in the field of migraine piercings. Managing Director Steve Pierce is considered to be the first piercer in Europe to address this issue.

Due to the media presence and the increasing level of awareness, the number of incoming customer enquiries is growing steadily. Numerous messages are received daily through various communication channels. "Especially in such a young and modern industry, the first contact takes place almost exclusively online," says Steve Pierce, founder and owner of the studio. The team was under increasing pressure to look after all channels and answer the customers' questions.

The difficulty in our industry is that clients contact us in all sorts of ways, be it Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram or email.
Steve Pierce, Founder
Steve Pierce, Founder

Apart from the large number of customer enquiries, Steve Pierce saw another challenge in the importance of online reviews. Customers listen to what others have to say and reviews have a great influence on the image of a brand. Especially for body-related treatments like piercings and tattoos, prospective customers compare reviews on Google or other portals.

This is how Steve Pierce® GmbH offers its customers a modern and uncomplicated contact option

In order to cope with the increasing number of messages and to manage all communication channels efficiently, Steve Pierce has opted for Superchat. Everything now runs via a universal inbox that bundles all messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Google and email. The employees have everything in view and no message gets lost.

The company is also on the safe side when it comes to data protection. With Superchat, Steve Pierce® GmbH uses WhatsApp Business, GPDR-compliant in its communication with customers. Potential customers are simply redirected to WhatsApp via a QR code on the website or in the studio. With a welcome message and ready-made templates for common questions, customers immediately receive the information they are looking for.

In addition to the universal inbox, the piercing and tattoo studio from Böblingen also uses the Superchat rating tool. Customers are effortlessly prompted to leave a review on Google with a message and a link. Employees are informed about new reviews and can react to them via the Superchat platform. Within a short time, Steve Pierce® GmbH was able to collect new positive Google reviews and improve its online presence.

The messaging chaos is water under the bridge. With Superchat, we have a much better overview of the numerous messages that reach us every day from all over the world.
Steve Pierce, Founder
Steve Pierce, Founder

How Steve Pierce® GmbH benefits from Superchat

  • More control and overview by bundling all relevant communication channels in one platform
  • Transparent management, processing and answering of customer enquiries with multiple users
  • Uncomplicated sending of rating reminders and numerous new Google ratings within a short period of time
Streamline communication in your piercing or tattoo studio with Superchat
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Christina Wendt
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