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Mapping the Future of Business Messaging (2023)

For this report, the user behavior of over 1,000 Superchat partners and customers was examined for the year 2022. Based on this anonymized data and industry insights from 360dialog, we were able to gain insights into the use of various functional areas.


The Result: Messaging Platforms have arrived in the German Sme sector and companies have acknowledged the potential of WhatsApp as a growth driver.
Messaging platforms allow companies to combine different communication channels in a unified software application and take advantage of business messaging with popular services like WhatsApp.

Together with our partner 360dialog, we offer insight into the general use of WhatsApp on the German and international market and the use of the messaging tools in large retail companies.

Below you will find the most important information. The full report is available as download.

The majority of messages are sent & received via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used communication channel for sending and receiving messages. Over 70% of outgoing messages are sent via WhatsApp. WhatsApp is also popular among customers and leads when it comes to contacting companies. 65% of all incoming requests are made via the messenger.

Classic channels may still be relevant - just under 20% of all incoming messages are transmitted via email.

Customer messages are answered 2x faster via WhatsApp

Teams prioritize WhatsApp in their day-to-day activities. This becomes evident when looking at the first response time. Users of the Superchat messaging platform respond more than twice as fast to WhatsApp messages in direct comparison with email.
18.2 minutes
Response time WhatsApp (median)
45.2 minutes
Response time email (median)

360dialog: WhatsApp Business is becoming increasingly popular on the German market

360dialog shows, how the use of WhatsApp Business via API has increased on the German market in the past year and what status the messenger has internationally. In Germany alone, an increase of more than 50% in new WhatsApp Business API accounts was registered. The volume of messages sent also increased by 20%.
WhatsApp Business API Accounts
WhatsApp Business Messages

The WhatsApp Newsletter is gaining momentum

The average number of WhatsApp Newsletters sent increased significantly at the end of 2022. Black Friday and the Christmas holidays are the busiest trading days of the year for many companies.

In this context, companies use WhatsApp campaigns to prepare their target group for upcoming promotional days and to showcase offers directly.


This report is based on internal data on the use of Superchat by customers and partners in 2022. Only the user behavior was analyzed and no personal data was used for this assessment. If you have any questions, please contact

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