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Urbify cuts phone calls in half with lightning-fast WhatsApp support

Delivery services like Urbify are all about speed and precision. Superchat makes the new WhatsApp support particularly efficient, replacing cumbersome phone calls to the delight of customers.
  • 03/13/2024
  • 3 min reading time

Urbify offers a premium shipping solution for next day and same day delivery. With innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology and qualified staff, the start-up aims to revolutionise the customer experience and champion sustainability.

At Urbify, the end customer is at the centre of everything we do. As such, it is vital to provide a first class service to resolve customer issues quickly and easily. Long waits on the phone or lengthy email conversations are now a thing of the past thanks to Superchat. The delivery service uses Superchat's features in the central inbox to use the powerful WhatsApp Business channel quickly and as a team.

How Urbify benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR compliant WhatsApp chats via the WhatsApp Business API
  • Clear team coordination and chat management in the universal inbox
  • Efficient evaluation invitations via WhatsApp Business
  • Easy integration of Superchat with existing software system
Thanks to Superchat, we have a super-fast exchange that is unique in our industry. The customer experience is crucial to us, so Superchat is the ideal solution to help our customers quickly and in a solution-oriented way.
Selina Bauder, Lead Marketing & PR
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What aspects of Superchat convinced Urbify?

As expectations of delivery services like Urbify increase, so does the volume of communication with customers. Enquiries about the status of an order or a delivery location are numerous and time-consuming.

Finding a solution via traditional email or phone takes a long time or doesn't happen at all. Requests get lost in the daily work routine, are misunderstood, ...

Given Urbify's customer-focused mission statement, it was clear that a better alternative had to be found. Marketing Manager Selina Bauder followed the development of Superchat and began testing WhatsApp Business as a support channel for Urbify early on. Her aha moment with Superchat:

Labels, status updates, employee assignments and other features of the universal inbox make chat management and team coordination for WhatsApp effortless and efficient. In addition, Superchat's cloud-based software architecture allows multiple users to access WhatsApp on different devices.

At the end of 2023, Urbify decided to use Superchat and built a powerful WhatsApp support with tens of thousands of conversations within a few months. Customers thanked them with many new positive Google reviews.

Superchat success indicators

  • Over 50 per cent reduction in phone calls
  • Over 25,000 incoming WhatsApp messages in the first 4 months
  • More positive Google reviews (4.6 stars)

How to use Urbify Superchat

Overview in the universal inbox

With ten employees, the Urbify team works in Superchat's universal inbox to answer WhatsApp requests together. There are many features available to make the collaboration as smooth as possible.

Firstly, chat assignments and employee inboxes help to distribute the volume of messages within the team. Categorising contacts or conversations with individual labels or notes also makes it easier to route customers to specialist staff.

Meanwhile, chat status notifications ensure that no request is lost or handled twice. For example, conversations can be set to be closed and disappear from the inbox with the open requests.


Smart review invitations via WhatsApp

Customer satisfaction has increased at Urbify since using Superchat, but it needs to be documented to ensure a positive public image. A challenge for many companies, but child's play with Superchat.

With the review function, personalised review invitations for Google can be sent via WhatsApp at the touch of a button. The personal factor of the channel helps to achieve a particularly high number of responses to the invitations.

The highlight: customers are first taken to an intermediate page for star rating. Those who give 4 or 5 stars are forwarded directly to Google and can leave a glowing review. Those who give fewer stars are asked for feedback in the Super Chat and are not forwarded to Google. This allows any issues or misunderstandings to be resolved internally.


Outlook: WhatsApp chatbot support

The features that Urbify is actively using are just a fraction of what is possible with Superchat. The delivery service could integrate many more communication channels into the universal inbox and process them as a team.

One innovation that Urbify is already focusing on is the automation of Superchat and WhatsApp chatbots. These can be used to create automated response mechanisms, particularly for recurring customer support questions, to reduce the workload of agents and respond even faster.

The modular chatbot system is based entirely on an intuitive user interface. No IT resources or programming skills are required to create your own chatbot.

Linus Scheibe
Linus Scheibe
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Linus is Marketing Manager at Superchat and is responsible for various content formats. He is also very familiar with the start-up scene.