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How Rhein-Taxi generates positive reviews with Superchat

Customer reviews are more important than ever - not only for online shops. Find out how Rhein-Taxi was able to collect many new reviews on Google within a few weeks.
  • 08/17/2021
  • 2 min reading time
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Rhein-Taxi wants to offer its passengers the best possible experience. Customer satisfaction is paramount and passenger feedback, whether positive or negative, is taken seriously.

Rhein-Taxi is a successful taxi company from North Rhine-Westphalia. In the city of Düsseldorf, around 550 taxi drivers work in shifts to get customers from A to B safely and quickly.

Competition between local taxi companies and online passenger transport services is fierce. Google reviews are often decisive for whether people decide for or against a company. Apart from that, authentic reviews provide trust.

Passengers rarely leave a review. Mostly, customers only comment if there was a problem.
Profilbild Michael Mühlin
Michael Mühlin, Managing Director

Collecting positive reviews, however, is a major challenge for the staff of Rhein-Taxi. Too rarely do happy passengers leave a positive review and too often dissatisfied customers express themselves in the form of a negative review.

Generating Google reviews easier than ever before

Michael Mühlin became aware of Superchat online. It quickly became clear that Superchat could help the taxi company from Düsseldorf to generate new reviews and better manage incoming reviews.

In addition to Superchat's rating tool, we were particularly impressed by the good service.
Profilbild Michael Mühlin
Michael Mühlin, Managing Director

Via SMS, passengers are reminded to leave a review with a rating link after their journey. As soon as a new review is received, staff are automatically notified and can respond accordingly.

The company was thus able to collect many new reviews in a very short time. In just a few weeks, the Google reviews of Rhein-Taxi have more than doubled.

How Rhein-Taxi benefits from Superchat

  • Sending review invitations and managing incoming reviews via a platform
  • Uncomplicated sending of rating links via SMS after completed taxi ride
  • Many new and positive Google reviews within a short period of time
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Christina Wendt
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