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Klöppel Versicherungsmakler triples the success rate of review invitations with WhatsApp

With message templates and campaigns for WhatsApp Business, Klöppel Versicherungsmakler has significantly improved the efficiency of its review invitations. Since using Superchat, the success rate has increased from 30% to over 90%.
  • 02/27/2024
  • 3 min reading time

Klöppel Versicherungsmakler GmbH offers independent insurance advice for private customers, civil servants, companies and tradesmen. A digital and personalised consulting approach keeps the company on the road to success.

Superchat supports managing director Sebastian Klöppel in adapting the company's communication to modern principles. The simple management of chats, contact lists and message templates enables efficient use of WhatsApp Business, especially for invitations to reviews.

How Klöppel Versicherungenmakler benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR-compliant exchange of WhatsApp messages via the WhatsApp API
  • Time-efficient personalisation of WhatsApp messages with the template function
  • Simultaneous outreach to WhatsApp contacts with the campaign feature
  • Manage chats and contact lists in parallel in the universal inbox
We used to have to write and send each review invitation individually. The WhatsApp templates and campaigns save us a lot of time so we can focus on optimising the messages.
Sebastian Klöppel, Managing Director
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What convinced Klöppel Versicherungsmakler to use Superchat?

Managing Director Sebastian Klöppel discovered the potential of WhatsApp for business communication early on, especially for chatting with private customers. For a long time, however, there was no solution for efficiently managing chats within the team.

Initially, the employees of Klöppel Versicherungsmakler managed all WhatsApp chats in the web browser. However, the lack of status information in the chats led to repeated errors in collaboration. Chats that were automatically marked as read were incorrectly declared as finished.

While testing Superchat, Sebastian Klöppel and his team had an aha moment:

**Superchat not only makes replying to WhatsApp messages much more efficient thanks to the categorisation and management features in the universal inbox. Sending messages can also be made easier for employees with WhatsApp templates and campaigns.

For these reasons, Klöppel Versicherungsmakler decided to use Superchat in autumn 2023. The improvement in time efficiency and the potential for success in invitations to appraisal meetings are already clearly measurable.

Superchat success indicators

  • Increase in the success rate of review invitations from 30% to 90%
  • Average Google rating of 5 stars due to first class support
  • Approximately 30 WhatsApp messages processed per day

How Klöppel Versicherungsmakler uses Superchat

Automated personalisation of review invitations

With the WhatsApp templates, Sebastian Klöppel's team can save a draft for the assessment invitations and use it again and again. One click is all it takes to select and send the template.

Dynamic text modules enable the automated personalisation of WhatsApp messages. Stored contact information such as first names can be integrated directly into the draft message and retrieved accordingly. It is also possible to create and integrate customised contact attributes.

The personalised customer approach plays a key role in increasing the success rate of Klöppel Versicherungsmakler's valuation invitations to 90 percent.


Send multiple review invitations in one click

WhatsApp's campaign feature allows you to send a message template to multiple contacts at once. Sebastian Klöppel's example shows that this feature is not only suitable for newsletters.

Once a week, the managing director sends out invitations to all his recently serviced customers. His contacts are categorised using the Superchat contact lists.

The relevant customers can be added to a defined list via labels, which is then addressed and emptied for an evaluation invitation.

Error-free team chat management

Superchat's universal inbox allows Klöppel's team to work with multiple users and numbers simultaneously.

Staff assignments, status updates and other features ensure that no conversation goes unanswered. At the same time, enquiries can be answered immediately by the most qualified contact person.

Contact labels and individual inboxes also help to segment communication partners in a meaningful way. Future projects, such as WhatsApp newsletters, can be targeted.

Looking to the future: automation and chatbots

Since attending Superchat Automation Week 2024, Managing Director Sebastian Klöppel has been working on the use of WhatsApp chatbots, e.g. for fully automated evaluation invitations or lead qualification.

The intuitive modular system of the Superchat Automation feature makes it easy to create WhatsApp chatbots without any programming knowledge.

Another exciting use case for chatbots for insurance brokers is appointment automation, which can be done by integrating online calendars into WhatsApp with Superchat.

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Linus Scheibe
Linus Scheibe
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Linus is Marketing Manager at Superchat and is responsible for various content formats. He is also very familiar with the start-up scene.