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Alps Hostel uses Superchat & WhatsApp Business to replace the reception desk

KHC.travel saves an hour every day by providing a smooth interaction with their hotel guests and using WhatsApp efficiently as a team.
  • 07/19/2023
  • 4 min reading time
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KHC.travel operates several hotel and hostel sites without any reception: Alps Hostel, 8PEAKS, otto - bed & breakfast, Vogelmann Suite, Old Kings Design Hostel. In the process, they use WhatsApp to communicate more conveniently with customers and run the business from their home office. Superchat makes managing multiple phone numbers and working as a team much easier.

KHC.travel started in 2019 with one location of 10 rooms, and the group has since grown to four hotels/hostels. From the beginning, in order to operate multiple small sites efficiently, various options were tested on how to efficiently run the locations without a front desk.

WhatsApp quickly emerged as a suitable channel. Due to the effort involved in using multiple WhatsApp business accounts, KHC.travel opted for Superchat. By now, the team saves an hour every day this way.

How KHC.travel benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business with 4 users and multiple devices simultaneously - even in the home office or on vacation
  • Communication and travel management within a universal inbox
  • Utilization of WhatsApp newsletters to inform current guests about restaurant tips and events in the region
  • Sending review requests to customers to get more positive online reviews

Why did KHC.travel choose Superchat?

WhatsApp Business was already in use at KHC.travel before Superchat. However, for a professional appearance, it was important to the team from the beginning that each location had its own phone number with its own branding (WhatsApp name, profile picture and description).

As a result, the team used three phones at times, each with the WhatsApp Business app. This, however, led to problems. On the one hand, the connection to the WhatsApp web interface sometimes got lost. On the other hand, it was difficult to connect to the WhatsApp web interface. The team also lacked an easier overview of all WhatsApp accounts.

Handling check-ins without a receptionist - quickly with WhatsApp.

KHC.travel has installed digital locks in all locations that they can control. On the day of arrival, the team sends the access information to the guests. To do this, they use Superchat's campaign feature. This allows companies to send personalized WhatsApp messages to a large number of recipients at the same time. Individual data such as name and door access details are automatically included in the message.

In addition, the team sends restaurant recommendations to customers via the campaign feature. Customers are very happy with these recommendations - they often say thank you and the overall satisfaction level increases. With the use of Superchat, campaigns are GDPR-compliant.

Originally, the team used email to inform guests about additional information or recommendations. However, in many cases, the emails did not even reach the guests or the message simply got lost. Messages sent via WhatsApp are guaranteed to reach the guests. The few guests who do not use the messenger can be kept up to date via SMS.

The secret ingredient for success: WhatsApp templates ­čÜÇ

KHC.travel uses WhatsApp templates to make communication easier and more efficient. These templates are created with only a few clicks within the Superchat messaging suite. WhatsApp templates are important when it comes to contacting customers proactively. They enable standardized communication and save time. At the same time, templates can be individualized in every conversation with the help of text blocks.

Responding to customer inquiries via WhatsApp

Before implementing Superchat, KHC.travel received a lot of requests by phone - which costs a lot of time. With WhatsApp, they can answer inquiries much faster - and when they have the time to do so.

ÔÇťWe were on vacation in Montenegro for two weeks. From there, we were able to process the new bookings and answer customer inquiries for about two hours every day. At the same time, the rest of our team in Germany was able to access the WhatsApp accounts. This would not have been possible without Superchat and WhatsApp Business.ÔÇŁ
Daniel Kinast, Managing Director

Currently KHC.travel has the first touchpoint via WhatsApp when they send the message with the access data to the room. On site, posters in the entrance area once again point out to guests that all questions can be clarified via WhatsApp. Guests will also find a QR code there, to which they just have to point their cell phone camera in order to land directly in the chat with their location.

Superchat's universal inbox allows requests for all locations to be seen and processed in one place. Each location is assigned an inbox in Superchat, making it easy to get an overview. Another advantage of using WhatsApp is that customers can easily send photos to the team. For instance, if there was a problem with a door handle in a room. The guest can send a picture of it to the team and the housekeeping staff will be notified.

Review invitations for satisfied travelers

KHC.travel also uses Superchat's review tool. The team asks customers to leave a Google review after their stay and has been able to significantly increase the number of reviews.

Online reviews on platforms like Google play a significant role for businesses. Potential customers gather information about hotels to an extensive degree. When evaluating accommodations, the online reputation can be crucial.

With Superchat, KHC.travel can easily send review invitations via messenger to satisfied travelers and travel groups.

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