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Kevelaer Vodafone Shop doubles positive reviews with WhatsApp support

You can't answer the phone when you're talking to customers, but you can receive WhatsApp messages. To be more accessible, the Vodafone shop in Kevelaer set up WhatsApp support, which led to a spike in positive Google reviews for fast customer service.
  • 05/03/2024
  • 3 min reading time

The Kevelaer Vodafone Shop sells smartphones, mobile phone and TV contracts and accessories at two locations. In addition to sales, a team of eight provides expert advice and support.

Davide Lorenzon is managing director of the franchise stores and wants to shift as much customer support as possible from the phone to WhatsApp chat. This allows his team to receive enquiries while they are talking to customers - and answer them quickly and accurately.

How the Kevelaer Vodafone Shop benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business
  • Facilitated contact via WhatsApp QR codes
  • Simultaneous chat management with eight users in the universal inbox
  • Send personalised Google review invitations in WhatsApp
Superchat is simply the best messaging solution for us, with the best pricing model. We have reduced our phone volume by 60 per cent!
Davide Lorenzon, Managing Director
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What convinced Vodafone Shop Kevelaer to use Superchat?

Managing Director Davide Lorenzon had been looking for a suitable tool to chat with his customers quickly and easily for a long time. However, Vodafone's strict privacy policy limited his search.

Davide Lorenzon's team also needed a mobile solution that could support multiple users and devices, as each member of the team communicates using their own iPad.

Chat tools such as Microsoft Dynamics or the basic WhatsApp Business app were either disappointing in terms of value for money or difficult to use in the workplace.

Superchat provides a GDPR-compliant way for executives to use WhatsApp Business with other communication channels in a central inbox. This includes helpful features for team coordination and automation.

In addition, the personalised review invitations feature helps the business get more positive Google reviews and boost its own reputation in the city.

Since spring 2023, Superchat has become an integral part of everyday life in both Vodafone shops. The improved accessibility and enhanced customer service offered by WhatsApp will remain with customers well beyond the initial contract.

Superchat success indicators

The successful use of Superchat at the Kevelaer Vodafone Shop is reflected in various success indicators:

  • Increase of Google reviews by 100%.
  • Improvement in Google rating from 4.1 to 4.5
  • Reduction of phone calls by 60%.
  • 5-15 new WhatsApp customer contacts per day
The competition never sleeps: a positive reputation on Google is essential for a successful business. Thanks to Superchat, we have doubled our positive ratings in just one year.
Davide Lorenzon, Managing Director

How Kevelaer Vodafone Shop uses Superchat

Improved engagement for Google reviews

For the Vodafone Shop to maintain a good reputation, it is important that it is present on the internet for its local customers and that it stands out from the crowd. Most potential customers use Google and Google Maps to find the right mobile contract and local provider.

Davide Lorenzon's team sends each satisfied customer an evaluation request via WhatsApp when they sign a contract, which is then completed locally. This results in a much higher number of reviews than if the customer is asked to leave a review when they leave the shop.

In this way, the Kevelaer Vodafone shop with WhatsApp not only retains existing customers, but also attracts new ones. For the planned expansion of the B2B business, Superchat will continue to play an important role in optimising the service in the 2 Vodafone shops.

QR codes for WhatsApp make it easy to get in touch

WhatsApp communication with Vodafone Shops is initiated by scanning a QR code each time a contract is signed. This establishes contact and provides the customer with a digital business card for the shop for any further queries.

This also makes it easy to support processes such as setting up a TV, for example by sending a tutorial via WhatsApp.

If a customer has a question, they can ask it quickly and easily via WhatsApp. Unlike by phone, the question is always answered promptly.

If a call cannot be answered, the store's voicemail will indicate the option to send a query via WhatsApp.

Fast processing of service requests in the universal inbox

No message to Vodafone Shop goes unanswered thanks to the allocation of agents. They can be answered in chat by a specialist within a minute.

The WhatsApp templates created help with frequently recurring topics and questions, such as how to set up an Internet router.

Many enquiries are made about the order status of a contract. A resubmission can be scheduled for next week, for example, to automatically keep the customer up to date.

Davide Lorenzon has set up a separate WhatsApp number for each location and for the business customer category. At the same time, however, all requests, whether via WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, can be handled via the universal inbox.

Linus Scheibe
Linus Scheibe
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Linus is Marketing Manager at Superchat and is responsible for various content formats. He is also very familiar with the start-up scene.