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Interview: Navigating Healthcare Communication with Dr. Ala Wiener

Dr. Ala Wiener and her team use Superchat to ensure efficient and modern communication with patients. Read the interview and find out, how messaging can transform healthcare communication.
  • 08/31/2023
  • 3 min reading time

Dr. Wiener, could you tell us about the GP Clinic and its mission?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Certainly. At the GP Clinic, our focus has been on offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services since we opened our doors in early 2019. My team and I are deeply committed to ensuring our patients' well-being and satisfaction. We believe in going the extra mile to provide comfort and care in every interaction. And to achieve this, effective communication is paramount to our mission.

That's commendable. Could you shed some light on why you decided to explore Superchat for communication?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Of course. Our journey with Superchat started from a need to tackle some persistent challenges we were facing:

  • We needed a solution to manage the high volume of telephone calls efficiently.
  • Ensuring patient engagement, even in cases of limited accessibility, was crucial.
  • Addressing instances of missed appointments was a priority.
  • We also aimed to alleviate the workload on our staff due to increased communication demands.

It sounds like you had quite a few challenges to overcome. How did you address these challenges before Superchat?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Yes, indeed. Prior to Superchat, we had been using phone-based appointment reminders to engage with our patients. However, it became clear that this approach wasn't comprehensive enough to meet the diverse communication needs we had.

What made Superchat stand out as the solution?

Dr. Ala Wiener: What truly convinced us to adopt Superchat was its precise alignment with our challenges. Its ability to address patient engagement, accessibility, and communication issues in a seamless manner was exactly what we were looking for.

Can you share how the transition to Superchat went and the impact it had on your operations?

Dr. Ala Wiener: The integration of Superchat was surprisingly smooth. Our staff quickly embraced its features, which led to gradual yet steady improvements in patient engagement over the following weeks. The entire team was excited about the transformative potential of Superchat in reshaping our communication practices.

It's great to hear that the transition was positive. Can you provide an example of how Superchat is used in your day-to-day operations?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Certainly. Superchat has found its way into various aspects of our operations, from sending appointment reminders to facilitating seamless scheduling. We've seen a quantifiable increase in patient accessibility, and Superchat has introduced a new era of streamlined communication and automated processes, ultimately saving time and enhancing overall efficiency.

Is there a specific feature of Superchat that stands out for you?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Absolutely. Among its features, what stands out most is Superchat's ability to enable personalized yet simultaneous interactions with patients. This feature has revolutionized how we communicate efficiently while maintaining a personal touch.

As you reflect on your Superchat journey, what are your aspirations for the future?

Dr. Ala Wiener: Our ultimate goal is to enhance patient satisfaction and make both internal and external communication simpler. Through Superchat, we envision a future where every interaction echoes our unwavering dedication to exceptional patient care. This journey signifies our commitment to reshaping healthcare communication, ensuring that quality care remains the heart of every conversation.

About: The clinic was founded in 2019, where a team of approximately 10 professionals work together to offer healthcare services. The clinic's focus revolves around two doctors, each specializing in distinct areas. One doctor is an internal medicine specialist, and the other is a cardiologist. Their aim is to provide comprehensive care and expertise to all patients, driven by a commitment to their well-being.

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