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Widmann + Winterholler: Superchat as a Customer Communication Airbag

With seven locations and over 300 employees, managing customer communication is a considerable challenge. Discover how car dealership Widmann + Winterholler utilizes Superchat to offer a flawless customer experience.
  • 10/31/2023
  • 2 min reading time
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Selecting the right software is no trivial task. After comparing various providers, the BMW and MINI dealership, Widmann + Winterholler, settled on Superchat.

A Chatbot does not meet the requirements

At first, the main interest was in a webchat. The website is one of the customers' first points of contact and is crucial.

However, a chatbot was not an option for Widmann + Winterholler. Personal interaction with a human is vitally important to the dealership's employees. Most individual inquiries can't be resolved via a chatbot.

It soon became obvious that WhatsApp was also a relevant channel. Almost everyone uses the messenger, and the dealership aims to be accessible to a wide audience. Fewer customers make phone calls these days, and a WhatsApp message can be sent quickly.

A chatbot was out of the question for us. We want to ensure personal and individual advice digitally as well.
Profilbild Christina Resch
Christina Resch, Head of CRM/Marketing & Customer Experience

From Website to WhatsApp to Test Drive

Widmann + Winterholler uses Superchat across its seven locations, each with its own WhatsApp number. Besides WhatsApp, other channels have been added to the messaging platform to offer different contact points to customers and prospects. These include Instagram, Google Business Chat, E-Mail, and SMS.

Through the webchat, users can choose which location and channel to use to contact the dealership. This ensures that customers always reach the right contact person. Internally, employees decide when and which messages to answer, offering greater flexibility and priority-based message processing.

Using templates also streamlines customer communication. Particularly for recurring issues, employees use pre-made templates that can be personalized before sending.

Most inquiries come via WhatsApp

It quickly became clear that WhatsApp is the most important messenger for Widmann + Winterholler, with most inquiries coming through this channel. These include queries about the availability of used cars or the dealership's range of services.

Superchat is also used during and after the car purchase. Vehicle documents, other documents, or image files can be sent as attachments via the customer's preferred communication channel.

Communication with our customers is much easier, faster, and more modern. Superchat is even used in the HR department.
Profilbild Christina Resch
Christina Resch, Head of CRM/Marketing & Customer Experience

In collaboration with Superchat, the dealership offers its customers efficient and modern communication. From the initial inquiry via the website to arranging a test drive, to finalizing the purchase, customers are served digitally.

The company was able to optimize internal processes and make them efficient, while customers enjoy personal support throughout the entire customer journey.

How Widmann + Winterholler benefits from Superchat

  • Webchat as a conversation starter for customers and prospects
  • Bundled communication for all seven locations in one tool
  • Time-saving through pre-made message templates
  • Simplified sending of messages, documents, and images via WhatsApp
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Maximilian Mierswa
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