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Konkursverkauf24.eu has all the messages under control with Superchat

Answering customer enquiries quickly and individually - that is a matter of course for Konkursverkauf24.eu. Find out how the company uses WhatsApp Business, Webchat and Co. to communicate with customers.
  • 06/27/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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Konkursverkauf24.eu offers buying and selling, as well as leasing and financing of catering equipment. The company offers customers individual advice and comprehensive support, from dismantling and removal to the transport of equipment. Customer-oriented support is the top priority for Konkursverkauf24.eu.

As a specialist dealer for catering equipment, the team at Konkursverkauf24.eu receives numerous customer enquiries every day. This is especially true for large and expensive catering and commercial items that require intensive consultation. Prospective customers often ask very detailed questions about the products or want additional information and product photos.

Individual advice for the target group is important. Chatbots or similar were therefore out of the question, as was WhatsApp due to its lack of GPDR compliance. Both the increasing number of enquiries and the individual customer service put the employees under increasing pressure.

Keeping track of all the communication channels was a huge challenge.
Marian Meus konkursverkauf Zitat
Marian Meus, Managing Director

For online shops like Konkursverkauf24.eu, online reviews are becoming increasingly important. However, generating new customer reviews on Google or other portals is not easy. "Very often, customers simply don't think about leaving a review," says Marian Meus, managing director of Konkursverkauf24.eu.

GPDR-compliant use of WhatsApp, from first contact to purchase

To make customer communication more efficient, the company from Magdeburg has opted for Superchat. With the Messenger platform, Marian Meus and his team have an overview of all communication channels. Incoming customer messages are answered together from several end devices. Assigning messages, using labels and adding internal notes ensure transparency.

Konkursverkauf24.eu uses all the communication channels offered and offers its customers a direct contact option on the website with the webchat. The employees accompany the customers from the first point of contact all the way to the order. In this way, Konkursverkauf24.eu offers its target group a modern customer journey.

Since we started using Superchat, customers have been able to contact us easily via WhatsApp. We send information, product images or take orders directly without much effort.
Marian Meus konkursverkauf Zitat
Marian Meus, Managing Director

In addition to the universal inbox of Superchat, Konkursverkauf24.eu uses the valuation tool. Rating reminders are sent without much effort via the Superchat platform. Employees are automatically notified about new evaluations and can react accordingly. In this way, the company was able to generate new positive Google reviews within a short time.

How Konkursverkauf24.eu benefits from Superchat

  • Direct contact options via WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Webchat and Co.
  • More control and transparency by bundling all relevant communication channels in one platform
  • Sending rating links and managing incoming customer ratings
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