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Holi Festival sends WhatsApp newsletter with 2200% ROI

WhatsApp as a modern alternative to SMS marketing: Working with Superchat and marketing agency Coco & Jay, the Holi Festival of Colours set up a successful WhatsApp newsletter in just a few months.
  • 03/13/2024
  • 3 min reading time

Coco & Jay is supporting the Holi Festival of Colours as a full-service digital agency for bespoke website creation and data-driven performance marketing. In addition to the event, the Berlin-based company's clients include the Berlin Beer Week and Nachhilfepass.

After successfully using SMS as a marketing channel, the implementation of WhatsApp Business with the help of Superchat was a logical step. Since the end of 2023, thousands of people interested in the Holi festival have enjoyed a WhatsApp newsletter with monthly prize draws and competitions.

How Holi Festival benefits from Superchat

  • Powerful WhatsApp newsletter with personalisation options
  • Easy management of opt-ins and click-to-chat ads
  • GDPR compliant WhatsApp chats via WhatsApp Business API
  • Easy integration of Superchat with existing software system
Superchat and WhatsApp Business have really helped us to better manage and automate our newsletter campaigns.
Georg Schufft, CEO & Co-Founder @ Coco & Jay
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What aspects of Superchat appealed to the Holi Festival?

The colourful Holi festival attracts hundreds of thousands of EDM fans to dance floors across Germany. The event, which plays on the Indian spring festival of Holi, is particularly popular with young people aged between 18 and 35.

The marketing agency Coco & Jay is aware of the behaviour of the younger target group and used messenger marketing early on to better reach party-goers - initially via SMS.

The initial success quickly led to a desire for better scaling options. The main sticking point with SMS was the lack of visibility into the management of opt-ins, contact lists and chats.

In their search for a solution, Coco & Jay came across WhatsApp Business in combination with Superchat. The big aha moment at the product launch:

With Superchat, the festival team can use WhatsApp newsletters in a GDPR-compliant way and always have the necessary overview thanks to intuitive user interfaces and additional features.

In December 2023, the event decided to use the Superchat messaging platform and built a successful WhatsApp newsletter with thousands of subscribers within a quarter.

Superchat success indicators

  • WhatsApp newsletter with 2200% ROI
  • Over 3,500 newsletter opt-ins in a quarter
  • Over 16,000 inbound WhatsApp messages in one quarter

How Holi Festival uses Superchat

WhatsApp Newsletter

The Holi Festival has launched a successful WhatsApp newsletter with monthly ticket draws. Every few weeks, subscribers receive a link to an exclusive prize draw.

The team can customise the WhatsApp newsletter with attractive message templates and attach media such as emoticons, images or videos. Thanks to Superchat's dynamic text modules, messages can also be automatically personalised with contact attributes such as first names.

The rapid success of the newsletter demonstrates the huge potential of WhatsApp as a communication channel for marketing messages. The messenger can be used to reach around 60 million monthly users in Germany alone, who open an average of over 90% of incoming newsletters.

The exact performance can be analysed in detail in Superchat's analytics feature. From a financial perspective, the newsletter campaigns are already a huge success, as the cost of using the WhatsApp Business API is well worth it, with a return on investment of 2200%.


Advertising opt-in via QR code

QR codes created in Superchat take visitors directly to WhatsApp, where they can opt-in to newsletters by sending a pre-set message.

The Holi Festival placed the QR code in a large format on its own website and was able to motivate over 3,500 visitors to subscribe to the newsletter within three months. Large posters with QR codes are then displayed at events throughout the summer.

The festival team can easily manage WhatsApp contacts in the Superchat contact lists. Subscription status, age or content interests - labels and similar features allow contacts to be intuitively sorted and targeted.

The features used are just a fraction of what is possible with Superchat. The Holi festival could also build automations and WhatsApp chatbots, or add and manage many other communication channels in the central inbox.

Linus Scheibe
Linus Scheibe
Marketing Manager, Superchat
Linus is Marketing Manager at Superchat and is responsible for various content formats. He is also very familiar with the start-up scene.