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How 2GETHER Travel increases engagement with a young target group.

The tour operator 2GETHER Travel operates in a niche market. Communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook are an integral part of the interaction with the young target group. With Superchat, the company bundles all of this on one messaging platform.
  • 08/22/2023
  • 3 min reading time
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2GETHER Travel is a tour operator specializing in the organization of graduation trips for high school students in Novalja, Croatia.

For this purpose, the company maintains various partnerships with hotels, bars and discos and offers the target group an all-round package - from booking to travel arrangements.

How 2GETHER Travel benefits from Superchat

  • GDPR-compliant use of WhatsApp Business with 10 users and multiple devices at the same time,
  • Communication and travel processing in the Universal Inbox,
  • Integration of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook as communication channels on its own website via webchat,
  • Internal communication via Team Chat,
  • The WhatsApp newsletter as a new tool in online marketing.
The professional organization and execution of graduation trips goes hand in hand with a young target group. Superchat and WhatsApp offer us the ideal communication platform.
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Marius Kaiser, Managing Director

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Why did 2GETHER Travel choose Superchat?

WhatsApp Business was already in use at 2GETHER Travel before Superchat. The team was using the WhatsApp Business app at the time.

With limitations, however.

In the WhatsApp Business app, there are limits on the number of users and devices (max. 5 devices per mobile number), among other things.

There are also no features in the WhatsApp Business app that make it possible to get an overall view of corporate communications. It lacked the "bird's eye view" for business managers.

As a result, employee silos emerged in customer communications, prompting 2GETHER Travel to search for a tool like Superchat in 2021.

With a unified inbox, Superchat's messaging platform offers companies the ability to bundle multiple communication channels into a unified software interface. With unlimited employees and devices, as well as a central overview for teams and administrators.

How 2GETHER Travel uses Superchat

2GETHER Travel uses almost all of the messaging platform's functions in everyday business. The use of additional functions, such as the rating tool, is being planned.

Handling travel events in the Universal Inbox

In the Universal Inbox, companies create various mailboxes for different use cases. These, in turn, can include various communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook.

2GETHER Travel divides its own Universal Inbox into two mailboxes. One is the "Headquarters" and the other is "Travel Manager {Year}".

The first inbox is used for general inquiries, while the second is used to handle seasonal travel events. Chat labels can be used to mark conversations and structure them further. 2GETHER Travel uses the following labels for both mailboxes, among others:

  • Sales {fiscal year}
  • Website inquiry
  • Customer inquiry
  • Cancellation request
  • General
Good to know 💡

For communication via WhatsApp, 2GETHER Travel uses WhatsApp templates. These can be created on the messaging platform in just a few minutes. Only with such templates can customers be initially contacted via WhatsApp. They enable standardized communication and save time. At the same time, templates can be individualized in every conversation with the help of so-called free text modules.

Individual conversations are assigned to the responsible employee and moved to the respective processing status (Open, Paused, Completed) in the course of processing.

Messenger as a contact option on your own website

With Superchat's web chat, companies can offer powerful communication channels to start conversations on their own website. 2GETHER Travel integrates WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, although it says WhatsApp is the most popular.

Team chat as an alternative to WhatsApp groups

Not only popular in customer communication - 2GETHER Travel also used WhatsApp for internal team communication in the past. However, the classic WhatsApp and the WhatsApp business app are only suitable to a limited extent.

With the Team Chat from Superchat, topic-specific subgroups can be created and make the internal exchange more effective and clearer.

Season preparation with the WhatsApp newsletter

With Superchat's campaign function, companies send WhatsApp messages to a large number of recipients at the same time. And in a DSGVO-compliant manner.

2GETHER Travel uses the newsletter for pre-season preparation and as a new tactic in online marketing. This includes acquiring new customers as well as communicating with existing travel groups.

Motivating happy customers to leave a review

While not yet in active use, this is still an interesting use case for 2GETHER Travel: the rating tool from Superchat.

Online reviews on platforms like Google play a major role for companies.Potential customers inform themselves about services to an extensive degree. When assessing providers, online reputation can be crucial.

With Superchat, 2GETHER Travel wants to send rating invitations via Messenger to satisfied travelers and travel groups in the future.

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Fabian Rabenalt
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