Providing a Unique Customer Experience: WhatsApp for Local Businesses

Local businesses face the challenge of aligning online and offline customer experiences. Discover how retailers use Superchat for customer communication via WhatsApp, collecting online reviews, and consolidating various communication channels.
  • Maximilian Mierswa
  • 12/20/2023
  • 2 min reading time

Online commerce is thriving. Nowadays, customers expect a convenient and straightforward shopping experience.

Simultaneously, personal and individualized advice is crucial.

The rising demands of consumers are a challenge for local businesses. So, they must find ways to be reachable for customers online, not just in-store.

This industry page offers:

  • A Superchat product mockup of our Universal Inbox
  • Industry-specific examples of WhatsApp utilization

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Quick and always reachable

Customer communication has become increasingly digital. Offering various communication channels is good, but if a business has multiple locations, numerous inquiries can quickly lead to message chaos.

Important customer messages might get overlooked, replied to late, or forgotten.

Consumers expect a quick response, especially regarding the availability of specific products. Failing to react or responding late makes customers choose another supermarket.
Raphael Dirnberger, Edeka Dirnberger

Superchat allows you to bundle all your channels into a Universal Inbox. For instance, you receive WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram messages, and emails in one inbox, eliminating the need to monitor each platform separately.

Moreover, Superchat enables you to use WhatsApp Business with multiple staff members simultaneously, streamlining customer communication, and allowing faster message responses.

The message chaos belongs to the past. With Superchat, we have a much better overview of the numerous messages we receive daily from all over the world.
Steve Pierce Zitat
Steve Pierce, Founder and CEO - Steve Pierce

Authentic Google reviews from real customers

Google is your primary point of contact with your customers. Good reviews are becoming increasingly important, not only for visibility on search engines.

Satisfied customers rarely take the initiative to leave an online review. Typically, it's dissatisfied customers who give you a poor rating.

Passengers rarely leave a review. Usually, customers only speak up when there's a problem.
Profilbild Michael Mühlin
Michael Mühlin, CEO - Rhein-Taxi

With Superchat, you can actively encourage customers to review your business. Simply send them a review link via WhatsApp, increasing the count of your online reviews.

This pushes your business higher in Google searches, and potential new customers are more likely to visit your website and consider making a purchase.

Reviews are crucial for our studios. Positive reviews already build a certain trust before the customer even enters our store.
Profilbild Marco Berlinghof
Marco Berlinghof, CEO - PikAss Tattoo GmbH

Personal and Individualized consultation

Even online, your customers should feel that you're taking the time for personal consultation.

With Superchat, you can assign customer inquiries to specific employees, resolving specific issues more effectively. This consistently provides your customers with a professionally tailored service.

We receive various inquiries daily. From general questions to complex technical queries.
Karg Jaeger Lacke Zitat
Frederic Karg, Marketing - Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG

By implementing a web chat on your website, customers can directly contact you as soon as they have a question about a product.

This ensures you don't lose a potential sale when the person is in the middle of the ordering process, and the resolution of their questions decides whether the order is completed or not.

This boosts your revenue and customer satisfaction.

We have high standards for ourselves and aim to provide our customers with high-quality support, both online and offline.
Profilbild Johannes Kuhn
Johannes Kuhn, Junior Manager - Modehaus Kuhn

Faster Support with WhatsApp Templates

Despite optimized workload distribution, handling every message promptly can be challenging with numerous inquiries. Templates can be a significant relief in these cases.

With Superchat, you can create WhatsApp templates for every scenario in your support or sales process. These templates can be customized with free-text components, tailored individually for each customer.

This saves additional time in handling customer inquiries and ensures that sent messages are still of high quality and content.

Through the automated sending of WhatsApp templates, we save a lot of processing time while ensuring that sent messages are content-rich and of high quality.
Profilbild Marco Berlinghof
Marco Berlinghof, CEO - PikAss Tattoo GmbH
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Maximilian Mierswa
Maximilian Mierswa
Maximilian is an intern at Superchat and supports the marketing team with various tasks. He also has a great passion for new projects.