How local businesses provide the best service online and offline

To offer the best service both offline and online. A goal that unites local businesses and at the same time poses a great challenge to the industry.
  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 4 min reading time

Local businesses are facing significant changes

Online trade is booming. A trend that is also reinforced by the Corona pandemic. Nowadays, customers expect a shopping experience that is as convenient and uncomplicated as possible. In addition, everything should ideally be done as quickly as possible. At the same time, personal and individual advice continues to be important.

The rising demands of consumers are increasingly challenging local businesses. On-site advice and customer experience is no longer enough. Local businesses must find ways to be accessible to customers online as well.

In addition, communication with customers is becoming increasingly complex. Usually, different contact options are offered and messages are received via different channels. If several locations are managed at the same time, the flood of messages often ends in chaos. Important customer messages are overlooked, answered late or not at all. A scenario that Raphael Dirnberger, manager of several Edeka branches, knows only too well.

Consumers expect a quick response, especially when it comes to the availability of certain products. If you don't respond at all or respond too late, customers will choose another supermarket.
Raphael Dirnberger, Edeka Dirnberger

If a customer already knows what to buy, the options for ordering are often cumbersome. If the phone is not manned or order requests by email are not answered, potential customers quickly opt for the competition.

Another challenge is the management of online reviews. After all, 50 per cent of all searches on Google have a local connection and Google reviews have a great influence on the opinion formation of potential customers. In most cases, however, reviews are only left when customers were not satisfied. Motivating happy customers to leave a review is difficult for many companies in the industry.

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Exclusive success story 👉 How Edeka Dirnberger combines offline & online customer service

Why local businesses need Superchat

In local retail, it is becoming increasingly important to build a bridge between online and offline customer experience.

To communicate with customers on a whole new level, companies like Modehaus Kuhn, Edeka Dirnberger and Hörsysteme Häusler use the Superchat platform. With Superchat, all important channels are bundled in one software. WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, email and the like are managed centrally via one log-in. Several employees can work together as a team to answer enquiries, advise customers individually, take orders and manage online evaluations.

Superchat's messaging platform is intuitive and easy to use. You install the app, you sign in and it works immediately.
Raphael Dirnberger, Edeka Dirnberger
Raphael Dirnberger, Edeka Dirnberger

Personal advice that convinces customers offline & online

Superchat helps local businesses build a bridge between a digital customer journey and the on-site experience. By offering relevant messaging channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, you are quickly and conveniently accessible to your customers.

We have high standards for ourselves and want to provide our customers with quality service both online and offline.
Johannes Kuhn, Modehaus Kuhn
Johannes Kuhn, Modehaus Kuhn
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Superchat success story 👉 Modehaus Kuhn - Modern customer service via WhatsApp

Modehaus Kuhn from Bad Mergentheim shows how the WhatsApp Business API can be successfully used in customer advice. In search of a new dress, a customer contacted the fashion house via WhatsApp. The dress should match a certain pair of shoes. The customer sent a picture of the shoes, whereupon the employees were able to select suitable dresses. Within a very short time, the customer received pictures of the dresses and bought two models in the shop the next day.

Even after the purchase, the company keeps customers up to date via WhatsApp newsletter messages. Existing customers are thus informed about current promotions or offers.

Looking after several locations and channels at the same time is an enormous amount of work. With Superchat, we now have all messages in view and can deal with enquiries in a targeted and individual way.
David Häusler, Hörsysteme Häusler
David Häusler, Hörsysteme Häusler

Managing several communication channels at the same time quickly leads to an additional burden in local retail. With Superchat, all channels are bundled in one platform and multiple locations can be managed.

The company Hörsysteme Häusler relies on the solution to manage all incoming requests from its 14 locations. The head office receives all messages and then assigns them to the appropriate mailboxes. This way, every customer finds the right contact person and receives optimal support.

Hörsysteme Häusler Team.jpeg

Modern shopping experience for local businesses

Local shops such as Modehaus Kuhn, Edeka Dirnberger or Hörgeräte Häusler successfully fight competitive pressure and use digital communication channels to also be accessible to customers online.

Relevant communication channels, the universal inbox and the option to compare several locations provides the necessary overview. Messages no longer go unanswered and customer satisfaction increases.

The easier the communication and ordering options are, the higher the probability of a purchase being concluded. With more than 60 million users in Germany, the likelihood is enormously high that your target group also uses Messenger on a daily basis. Via WhatsApp, customers receive the personal support that is desired and expected. The uncomplicated sending of pictures enables targeted and individual advice, which often ends with a successful order.

In this way, you not only increase your sales, but also the satisfaction of your customers. This satisfaction is the best and most valuable advertisement for many local traders. By sending a review invitation, your customers can share their story directly via a Google review with just a few clicks.

Example template for WhatsApp 📱

Hallo {{ firstName }} {{ lastName }},

wir würden uns sehr über eine Bewertung freuen. Es ist eine wertvolle Unterstützung für unser Reisebüro und dauert nur 1 Minute. 🌺👍 {{ wildcard }}

Ganz einfach unter folgendem Link: {{ reviewURL }} Danke vorab für deine Unterstützung! ‍ Beste Grüße {{ companyName }}

Is Superchat the right solution for your business?

  • Customer enquiries reach you via a multitude of channels and you and your team are slowly losing the overview?
  • Are you thinking about DSGVO-compliant customer communication, e.g. WhatsApp?
  • Would a closer customer relationship provide additional opportunities to close sales?
  • Are online assessments relevant to you, but have not yet managed to implement a process that works permanently?

You answer at least one of the questions with yes? Then book a free consultation with a messaging expert for local businesses.

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