WhatsApp for e-Commerce: Revolutionize your online store

Positioning oneself successfully in one's own niche is not an easy undertaking. Understanding your target group and communicating with customers is crucial for success.
  • Christina Wendt
  • 12/20/2023
  • 3 min reading time

Major challenges for e-commerce

Regular customers and the formation of long-term customer relationships are of great importance for niche companies in e-commerce. Although the competition in one's own niche is usually not very big, the pressure is nevertheless high.

The special challenge for niche e-commerce companies is to respond precisely to the needs of their customers. Especially in the case of purchases that are not commonplace and niche products, there is a need for explanation. Prospective customers don't just buy, they have questions that need to be answered before they buy. Ideally, the answer should not be long in coming.

On this industry page, you'll find:

  • A Superchat product mockup of our Universal Inbox
  • Industry-specific examples of using WhatsApp in e-commerce

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Clear and quick handling of customer inquiries

Complicated communication channels and long response times are frustrating. When an email response takes several days, customers often try to reach out through a different channel.

There's a risk of internal misunderstandings and messages being unanswered or answered multiple times. Especially when managing several communication channels simultaneously, communication quickly becomes chaotic.

With Superchat's Universal Inbox, you can link all your channels and receive messages in one place. Additionally, you can handle inquiries with multiple users simultaneously and assign conversations to specific employees.

This way, you won't miss any messages coming through less frequently checked channels. You'll process inquiries more efficiently, boosting customer satisfaction.

Our biggest challenge was responding promptly to all customer inquiries and ensuring that all queries were addressed without anything getting lost.
Profilbild Dominik Früchtl
Dominik Früchtl, Managing Director - Italobee

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Over 70% of shopping carts in online shops get abandoned. This means you are losing substantial revenue and potential new customers.

Cart abandonment can have various reasons: long loading times, malfunctioning discount codes, and high shipping costs, among others.

However, there are ways to encourage customers to continue their purchases. By implementing a web chat for your online store, you offer customers the option to contact you directly when they have questions and reduce your cart abandonment rate.

Minimise cart abandonment with messengers
Integrate your online shop with Superchat to automtically send abandoned cart via WhatsApp and more. Increase your conversion rates with conversational commerce.
We can't imagine our daily business without Superchat. Our customer communication is much more efficient, and at the same time, we offer our target audience a modern shopping experience.
Dominik Goßner computeroutlet24
Dominik Goßner, Sales Representative - ComputerOutlet24

Sending personalized offers via WhatsApp Newsletter

WhatsApp enables you to actively prompt customers to shop again at your online store. Based on past purchases, you can send personalized offers to encourage repeat purchases.

With Superchat, creating campaigns and sending personalized newsletter messages to multiple people simultaneously is straightforward.

This actively boosts customer retention, helping you build a community of loyal customers.

Since we started using Superchat, customers easily contact us via WhatsApp. We effortlessly share information, product images, or take orders directly.
Marian Meus konkursverkauf Zitat
Marian Meus, Managing Director - Konkursverkauf24.eu

Selling directly through WhatsApp

Offer your customers a whole new buying experience with Conversational Commerce. Receive and process orders directly through WhatsApp.

Mein-textiletikett.de, for instance, includes a QR code with each order, allowing customers to conveniently place new orders via WhatsApp.

About 30% of our orders and reorders come directly through WhatsApp.
Diego Meier, mein-textiletikett.de
Diego Meier, Managing Director - mein-textiletikett.de

Handling individual inquiries and requests

Depending on your niche, customers might have very specific inquiries that require direct communication.

Via WhatsApp, you can address inquiries personally and promptly, ensuring specialized requests are handled swiftly.

Our labels are customized. To meet our customers' wishes, we rely on direct and efficient communication.
Diego Meier, mein-textiletikett.de
Diego Meier, Managing Director - mein-textiletikett.de

More authentic Google reviews

Good reviews are essential for success in e-commerce. As the entire sales process happens online, the first contact point a customer has with your company is your website on Google.

With Superchat, you can ask satisfied customers to give you a Google review and send them a message with a review link.

This way, you can collect more positive reviews, increasing your visibility on Google and, in the long run, attracting more new customers.

Always accessible - Even outside of the office

E-commerce has no off days. Orders can be made 24/7. It's crucial that you can handle time-sensitive inquiries even on weekends or during vacations.

With Superchat's mobile app, you're always reachable - in the office, or outside, ensuring you don't miss any customer inquiries.

Out of the office or during weekends, we use the Superchat app. Customers receive quick feedback via text or voice messages and are highly satisfied.
Erfolgsgeschichte Echolotzentrum Schlageter Quote
Thomas Schlageter, Managing Director - Echolotzentrum Schlageter GmbH & Co.KG
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