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Successful Communication with Driving Students

Young people pick up the phone much less often and e-mail is hardly noticed among young people. The way we communicate with each other has changed a lot in recent years. Driving schools now have to adapt to meet the expectations of their own target group.

  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 5 min reading time
Branchenlösung Fahrschulen

Driving students want to communicate via Messenger

The digital transformation is not leaving companies unscathed. Driving schools also have to digitalise themselves, especially with regard to the young target group. Generation Z, also called post-millennials, communicate mainly via digital communication channels.

For many digital natives, communication is almost exclusively via messenger and this is not limited to private conversations. There is a strong desire to communicate with companies via WhatsApp, Instagram and the like. Ideally, communication with the driving school should be as uncomplicated and natural as chatting with friends.

In addition, the young target group expects fast response times. Traditional communication channels such as email or contact forms simply cannot keep up.

Our students prefer to communicate via WhatsApp. We would like to fulfil this wish.

Felix Voß, Fahrschule Voß
Felix Voß, Driving School Voß

The most popular messenger by far is WhatsApp - and this does not only refer to the younger generations. The exchange via WhatsApp between students and driving instructors seems easy and natural. For driving schools, however, using the private version of WhatsApp is not an optimal solution.

Communication via the private smartphone and the private WhatsApp account. The boundary between private conversations and business messages is increasingly disappearing. On the one hand, this solution is not compatible with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation. For another, information is quickly lost when there are several driving instructors or locations.

The coordination and communication between the locations, the different driving instructors and students is a big challenge.

Profilbild Pierre Emmerich
Pierre Emmerich, Drive & More

An additional challenge is the increasing importance of online reviews. Reviews are essential for the reputation of driving schools and important for local Google search. Driving schools with many and positive reviews are clicked on more often than driving schools without reviews or with negative reviews.

The biggest problem is getting students to provide a Google review. Many driving schools lack efficient processes for this and many students find the process of leaving a review simply too complicated.

This is why driving schools choose Superchat

Meeting the demands of the target group is no easy task. Superchat helps driving schools to focus their communication on the needs of students and instructors at the same time.

Driving schools such as Drive & More, Voß and Boost already rely on Superchat's unified inbox, paving the way for a digital future. Relevant channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, email and co. are bundled in one inbox and reviews are managed from one place.

Our team has a much better overview of incoming messages thanks to Superchat. The coordination between the head office, driving instructors and students has improved significantly.

Profilbild Pierre Emmerich
Pierre Emmerich, Drive & More

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger among students and Superchat offers driving schools an uncomplicated way to use this channel efficiently in communication. With Superchat, driving instructors no longer have to use their private WhatsApp account for exchanges with driving students. Communication is GDPR-compliant, transparent and efficient via the Superchat software, which can be accessed via the desktop and a mobile app.

Multiple users access the platform from multiple devices, guaranteeing efficient and fast processing of incoming requests. Apart from that, different locations and mailboxes can be managed. This way, employees in the administration keep an overview and driving instructors can fully concentrate on teaching.

WhatsApp as the most important communication channel

To meet the requirements of the mainly young target group, Murat Türk from Boost driving school relies on Superchat and the WhatsApp Business API. The modern driving school from Offenbach am Main knows how important uncomplicated and fast communication is between driving instructors, driving students and the administrative staff.

Communication is now bundled in one inbox. Messages that come in via WhatsApp, Instagram, Email and co. are collected in one inbox. Several employees use this to reply to and send messages. Authorisations determine who can see which messages.

Administrative staff can take better care of administrative requests, such as appointments for driving lessons. Communication is much more transparent, information is shared more reliably and messages no longer go unanswered. Driving instructors thus have more time to concentrate on the lessons and the students.


There are good reasons why WhatsApp is so popular. Communication is fast and uncomplicated. For me, a good argument for using the messenger via Superchat in my driving school.

Murat Türk, Fahrschule Boost
Murat Türk, Driving School Boost

The Superchat app for Android and iOs keeps business communication separate from private WhatsApp conversations or emails. Employees can thus draw a clear line between private and business communication. At the same time, there are no extra costs for separate business phones.

Sending templates saves important time. Information about theory exams, practical exams or the next lesson is sent automatically via WhatsApp templates.

To draw the attention of students and interested parties to WhatsApp, QR codes can be placed on the driving school car or integrated into the website. A webchat provides an additional contact option directly via your driving school's website.

Example template for WhatsApp 📱

Hello {{ firstName }},

we have new information about the scheduling of your practice exam. If you want us to send you this information via WhatsApp, please reply "Yes" to this message. {{ wildcard }}

Thank you and best regards, {{ companyName }}

The Google Business Profile is of great importance for driving schools. A large part of all Google searches are related to local search results and often the eye falls directly on the reviews of a company.

The Superchat platform gives driving schools an easy option to efficiently manage online reviews. After a driving test has been passed, automatic rating invitations are sent via the learner's favorite channels. Customers no longer have to take the initiative to leave a rating themselves.

A Google rating link takes the students directly to their Google Business profile and they can write a review. The Voß driving school from Hanover was thus able to generate numerous new and positive reviews within a short period of time.

Efficient communication in the driving school

Successful driving schools focus on innovation, and not only when it comes to equipment and teaching. Communication and relationships with students and prospects are just as important as high-quality training.

The universal mailbox provides the necessary overview and efficient work processes within the team. The use of messenger channels such as WhatsApp personalises and accelerates communication with the young target group. After all, the open rate of WhatsApp messages is over 90%, which is more than four times higher than the open rate of an email.

With Superchat, you pave the way for better communication between students and driving instructors. Convenient communication, efficient processes and a modern customer experience will set you apart from your competition.

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Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.