Facelift for customer communication

The customer experience in the beauty industry does not start on site but already online. The challenge is to create an attractive experience for customers both offline and online. Communication and the relationship with the customer play a fundamental role.
  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 5 min reading time

Increasing competitive pressure & decreasing customer loyalty

On the one hand, the beauty industry benefits from digitalisation. New trends are shared via social media and one's own work is better showcased with digital content.

On the other hand, it is difficult to build a real bond with customers. With just a few clicks, potential customers can find numerous service providers in the area. With little effort, an appointment can be booked in just a few steps. The selection is large and appointments are found quickly.

Popular online portals for booking appointments mainly benefit consumers. It has never been easier to book an appointment at a beauty salon or a hairdresser. For the service providers themselves, these portals mean a loss of profits, as a commission is usually retained.

Our business depends on genuine relationships with customers. But building a loyal bond these days is really hard.
Maik Gildhorn, GILDHORN Intercoiffure
Maik Gildhorn, GILDHORN Intercoiffure

The wide choice and immediate availability make it difficult to build an authentic relationship with customers. The willingness to switch is high and next time the customer simply books an appointment at another boutique.

Reviews also play a big role in this. In most cases, online reviews are read through before booking. Bad reviews have a negative impact on the image of the business and on the decision of potential customers. Unfortunately, customers usually only leave a review if they were not satisfied.

Not only local service providers, but also online shops for beauty and wellness products are under pressure. The industry is booming and customers nowadays expect an optimised and flawless customer journey. From the first search to far beyond the order, the customer experience should be as convenient and personal as possible. Philipp Müller from jolifill.de knows how important a smooth shopping experience is for customers. Especially when there are problems, communication must work.

The questions of our customers cannot be answered via a chatbot. Personal contact with people and individual support is extremely important to us.
jolifill logo
Philipp Müller, jolifill.de

The WhatsApp Business app appears to be the perfect solution for many companies to establish personal contact with their customers in an increasingly digital world. But when you take a closer look, the messenger is not an optimal solution by itself. It is not designed to be used by multiple employees or devices, and the WhatsApp Business app does not meet the guidelines of the GDPR.

This is why companies from the beauty industry use Superchat

Jolifill, Hautnah Kosmetik and GILDHORN Intercoiffure are not only pioneers when it comes to beauty. For these companies, their customers and the relationship with them are central. With Superchat, establishing contact with their audience is easier and more personal.

With Superchat, we give our customers the individual and personal experience online which they are familiar with from our local salon.
Corinna Käppeler, Hautnah Kosmetik
Corinna Käppeler, Hautnah Kosmetik

The unified inbox bundles relevant channels that are important in the beauty industry. Messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, from email and the like end up in one inbox. Central communication provides a better overview and several employees can handle incoming enquiries as a team. Messages are thus directly assigned to the right person.

WhatsApp offers a natural and personal way to communicate with customers. Sending messages via WhatsApp templates saves time and resources. With the WhatsApp newsletter, current offers and promotions are shared with regular and new customers. The messages arrive right in between conversations with close friends and family. An ideal opportunity to build an authentic relationship with your target group.

Individual customer care offline and online

When it comes to beauty, trust plays a big role, whether it's a new haircut or skin care. Building this trust in an increasingly fast-paced and digital world is difficult for companies.

Channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram help companies in the beauty industry to strengthen relationships with existing customers and make new contacts at the same time. These platforms are among the most popular apps and several million consumers use them daily. Companies such as Hautnah Kosmetik, Jolifill or GILDHORN Intercoiffure already benefit from the popularity of these channels and offer customers a convenient way to contact them.

With web chat, these companies profit from an additional and important touchpoint. The website serves as a company's signboard and plays a major role in the customer journey.

With the Superchat web chat, website visitors have the choice of sending a message via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram or email. Using this approach, jolifill.de has been able to increase enquiries through the website, making it accessible to customers at critical moments in the customer journey.

The personal touch is easily lost online. With Superchat, we offer our customers individual support, assist them during the ordering process and are there for them even beyond that.
jolifill logo
Philipp Müller, jolifill.de

If people are looking for a specific beauty product or treatment, Google is usually the starting point of the customer journey. For companies like Hautnah Kosmetik or GILDHORN Intercoiffure, a presence in local search results is very important.

For this reason, Superchat offers the Google Business Chat. This enables direct contact with the company, directly via Google Search. Customers can contact your business via the Google Business profile, ask questions and ultimately book an appointment.

Google reviews can also be managed via Superchat. For more than 80% of consumers, online reviews play an important role in deciding for or against a business.

To remind happy customers of a review, Corinna Käppeler and the Hautnah Kosmetik team send out review invitations via customers' favourite channels. A link takes people directly to the company's Google profile, where they can leave a review.


Even our happiest customers often forget to leave a review on Google. Superchat makes this process easier for us and our clients.
Corinna Käppeler, Hautnah Kosmetik
Corinna Käppeler, Hautnah Kosmetik

Time plays an important role in the beauty industry. The phone rings, customers want to be attended to on site and at the same time messages arrive via WhatsApp and other channels. WhatsApp templates offer a way out of the misery and relieve the staff. With the templates, you remind customers of upcoming appointments, share important information and accompany your target group on every step of the customer journey.

With the WhatsApp newsletter, customers are informed about current promotions and offers. Via the WhatsApp API, communication via Messenger is DSGVO-compliant and sending newsletter messages is legal. With the campaign feature of Superchat, you create target groups for your newsletter and add practical buttons. These refer contacts directly to the company's website or allow you to send a ready-made quick reply.

Example template for WhatsApp 📱

Hello {{ firstName }},

we have to postpone your appointment 😊.

Please contact us briefly via WhatsApp.

Thank you, {{ currentUserFullName }}

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Save time & build a real bond with customers

Successful companies in the beauty industry are already using Superchat to set themselves apart from the competition.

The universal inbox bundles all important channels and simplifies communication with customers. Different inboxes, labels and the assignment of employees provide the necessary overview. Via popular communication channels such as WhatsApp and Instagram, you offer your target group a customer-oriented contact option. The entire customer communication becomes clearer, faster and more personal.

Your messages appear alongside chats with close friends and acquaintances. An optimal basis to build a sustainable and genuine relationship with your customers. Seize the opportunity, take a pioneering role and modernise your customer communication.

Still wondering, if Superchat is the right solution for you?

  • Customer enquiries reach you via a multitude of channels and you and your team are slowly losing the overview?
  • Are you thinking about DSGVO-compliant customer communication, e.g. WhatsApp?
  • Do you want to improve the relationship with your existing customers and reach new prospects at the same time?
  • Are online assessments relevant to you, but have not yet managed to implement a process that works permanently?

You answer at least one of the questions with yes? Then book a free free consultation with a messaging expert for the beauty industry.

Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt
Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.