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ProConsult uses Superchat for client-centric support

Expert and individual customer care is a top priority for ProConsult GmbH. Find out how the insurance and finance company has redesigned its customer communication with Superchat.

  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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ProConsult GmbH advises companies, executives, private clients and freelancers on all aspects of insurance and finance. The individual and expert advice of the customers as well as the active support in the event of a claim have top priority.

Almost every conversation is very individual from the second contact onwards and chatbots are out of the question.

Joshua Knierim, ProConsult GmbH

The use of email as a communication channel was sometimes problematic. A lack of technical know-how or hardware, such as a scanner, on the part of the clients presented ProConsult with further challenges. The use of WhatsApp Business was also out of the question due to the lack of GPDR compliance. Apart from that, the use of WhatsApp Business is limited to one smartphone, which is not feasible for a team of 15 employees.

ProConsult GmbH depends on individual communication with its clients. In order to serve clients optimally and avoid misunderstandings, direct communication is essential, especially for urgent matters.

In addition to the complex communication structure, the team at ProConsult GmbH sees another challenge in the increasing importance of its own internet presence and the rising number of online reviews.

Quick & uncomplicated exchange of documents, data and information with Superchat

In order to simplify communication and better respond to incoming enquiries, ProConsult GmbH chose Superchat. "The friendly appearance, the uncomplicated contact with Superchat and the well thought-out solution to our problem convinced us," says Joshua Knierim.

With Superchat, all communication channels of ProConsult GmbH, such as WhatsApp, email, Facebook and webchat, are bundled in one platform. On the one hand, customers send their enquiries via their preferred messaging channel. On the other hand, employees keep track of incoming messages, initiate further steps and send information and documents to customers.

In addition to the universal inbox, the finance and insurance broker benefits from the uncomplicated implementation of the Superchat webchat. Clients can contact the ProConsult team directly via the website. This is especially helpful for landing pages on individual lines of business and enables even easier conversions.

The software and its functions are practically self-explanatory after a short onboarding process and easy to integrate into the individual workflow.

Joshua Knierim, ProConsult GmbH

How ProConsult GmbH benefits from Superchat

  • 100 % GPDR-compliant use of WhatsApp on multiple end devices and with multiple users
  • Picking up customers on the platforms they also use privately
  • Uncomplicated transmission of documents and receipt of customer enquiries via various communication channels
  • Universal inbox in which several users work in a team and keep track of each other
  • Platform for requesting, managing and tracking assessment requests
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Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.