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Learn how the KI Fahrschule uses Superchat for individual communication with its own students.

The target group of driving schools is young. Prospects between 18 and 24 expect modern communication channels. Learn how KI Fahrschule optimizes communication processes with WhatsApp Business.
  • 08/17/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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The KI Fahrschule is a young driving school and offers its own students an optimal learning environment with modern teaching rooms and driving simulators.

The target group of the KI Fahrschule is young. Core customers for many driving schools are people between the ages of 18 and 24. Accordingly, the use of communication channels such as WhatsApp is particularly interesting for such companies. At 94%, the penetration of WhatsApp is the highest in this group in Germany.

What aspects convinced the KI Fahrschule of Superchat?

One reason for the decision in favor of Superchat is the possibility to use WhatsApp Business 100% GDPR compliant via the provided messaging platform.

Other market companions of Superchat also offer a privacy-compliant use of WhatsApp Business. During the consolidation process, the KI-Fahrschule also considered other offerings.

While other market players did not notice and respond to the requests of the KI Fahrschule, Superchat supported the company from day 1.

I really want to highlight the fact that Superchat has supported us extensively throughout the decision and implementation phase. The constant availability for questions and the willingness to adapt the product to our needs were decisive reasons for purchase.
Dieter Erlewein KI Fahrschule
Dieter Erlewein, Owner and Managing Director

Optimization of communication processes with Superchat and WhatsApp Business.

The KI Fahrschule primarily uses Superchat and WhatsApp Business to communicate with its own driving students.

In doing so, the KI Fahrschule utilizes WhatsApp Business for announcements of upcoming events or the transfer of relevant documents, among other things.

Particularly important are reminders about upcoming driving lessons to the respective students. In this way, learning processes can be efficiently pushed forward and driving lessons can be completed. Income from individual teaching units is particularly relevant for driving schools.

Close supervision of the students by the respective driving instructors is also essential here.

With the support of Superchat and WhatsApp Business, 1-to-1 communication between teachers and students is always guaranteed, even in the digital space.
Dieter Erlewein KI Fahrschule
Dieter Erlewein, Owner and Managing Director

Incoming messages are also bundled in Superchat's Unified Inbox and forwarded to the responsible driving instructors. This enables the KI Fahrschule to optimize communication processes and avoid message chaos.

This is how KI Fahrschule benefits from Superchat

  • Best possible support and close, digital supervision of students with the assistance of WhatsApp Business.
  • Optimization of internal messaging processes and responsibilities.
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Fabian Rabenalt
Marketing Manager, Superchat
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