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Jaeger Lacke shows how messaging works properly

In the craft business, processes have to be fast and uncomplicated. Find out how the medium-sized company Jaeger Lacke uses Superchat to process customer enquiries and take orders via WhatsApp.
  • 08/17/2021
  • 2 min reading time
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Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG is a company with a lot of tradition and part of the German middle class. As a manufacturer for varnishes and paints, Jaeger offers its customers a variety of products and qualified advice.

The company wants to offer customers a fast and high-quality service. This increasingly posed challenges for the company's employees. The large number of messages received through various channels was difficult to manage.

Direct and simple communication is essential for the team at Jaeger Lacke. Only through direct exchange with customers can the employees respond to every customer request and offer active support.

We receive various enquiries on a daily basis. From general questions to complex technical property enquiries.
Karg Jaeger Lacke Zitat
Frederic Karg, Marketing

The managing director of Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG also sees a need for action. Often, customers only leave a review when there have been problems. Reminding happy customers to leave an online review, on the other hand, is often difficult. "Online reviews are part of daily working life. For prospective customers, this is an important indicator," says Frederic Karg, clerk in marketing.

Respond faster and better to customer enquiries with Superchat

In order to deal with incoming customer enquiries and respond more quickly to messages, the company has opted for Superchat. Several users manage the different communication channels together to guarantee efficient and fast customer communication. Superchat bundles all important communication channels of Jaeger Lacke in one platform. Messages received via WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS or email end up in one inbox.

A webchat has been integrated on the company's website, providing a direct contact option for customers. In this way, Paul Jaeger GmbH & Co. KG increases the quality of service and was able to significantly increase the number of incoming enquiries.

Superchat bundles all important channels in a simple way. Since we started using Superchat, enquiries have increased significantly.
Karg Jaeger Lacke Zitat
Frederic Karg, Marketing

In addition to the messaging platform, the company from Möglingen also uses the Superchat rating tool. Customers are simply reminded via an automated message to leave a Google review.

Employees are automatically notified of new reviews and can respond to them as a result. Within a short time, Jaeger Lacke was thus able to generate new positive customer reviews.

The use is uncomplicated. Superchat concentrates on the most important things and is not overloaded with functions.
Karg Jaeger Lacke Zitat
Frederic Karg, Marketing

How Jaeger Lacke benefits from Superchat

  • Fast and central processing of customer enquiries by several people and from several devices
  • Targeted response to incoming messages and improvement of service quality
  • Generate new customer reviews and increase online reputation
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