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How Drive & More manages multiple locations & employees

Provide the best service and uncomplicated communication to learner drivers. This goal is a top priority for Drive & More. Find out how the driving school uses Superchat for communication between students and driving instructors.
  • 06/27/2022
  • 2 min reading time
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In addition to Superchat's universal inbox, the driving school also uses the rating tool. Via Superchat, customers are reminded to leave a review on Google without much effort. Drive & More is automatically notified about incoming reviews and the service staff react accordingly. Within a very short time, Drive & More was able to generate new positive Google reviews via Superchat.

How Drive & More benefits from Superchat

  • 100 % GPDR-compliant use of WhatsApp on multiple end devices and with multiple users
  • More control and overview, through the bundling of all relevant communication channels
  • Less message chaos and better coordination between driving instructors, students and management
  • Effortlessly send review invitations and manage incoming customer reviews
Our team now has a much better overview of incoming messages. The coordination between the centre, driving instructors and students has improved significantly.
Profilbild Pierre Emmerich
Pierre Emmerich, Founder of Drive & More

Apart from the confusing coordination of customer enquiries, Pierre Emmerich sees another challenge around the topic of online reviews. The competitive pressure between the different driving schools in the region is high and customer reviews are often decisive in the decision for or against a driving school.

With Superchat, Drive & More employees have more time for the important things

The confusing situation and increasing demand for WhatsApp as a communication channel have led the driving school to opt for Superchat. Communication now runs via a platform to which all internal users have access. This means that information is no longer lost, driving lessons can be optimally scheduled and resources planned.

Coordination between the locations, teaching staff and learner drivers has improved significantly. Thanks to the improved communication, the Drive & More team can take even better care of the needs of the learner drivers.

The coordination and communication between the locations, the different driving instructors and learner drivers is a big challenge.
Profilbild Pierre Emmerich
Pierre Emmerich, Founder of Drive & More

Drive & More is an established driving school that has been successful in the industry for more than 40 years. Driving instructors and service staff are always on hand to help novice drivers during their driving licence training. A safe and uncomplicated customer experience is the company's top priority.

With two locations, more than 14 driving instructors and the large number of customers, communication became increasingly opaque. Although the communication is centrally controlled by Drive & More, driving students sometimes communicated directly with the driving instructors via WhatsApp to postpone or cancel appointments. This led to misunderstandings and additional work for the head office.

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Christina Wendt
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