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ComputerOutlet24 creates a seamless customer experience with Superchat

The competitive pressure in online retail is great and customer expectations are rising. Find out how ComputerOutlet24 uses Superchat to make its customer communication efficient and future-proof.
  • 11/27/2021
  • 2 min reading time
Cover Success Story ComputerOutlet24

For ComputerOutlet24, customer satisfaction has top priority. For more than 20 years, ComputerOutlet24 has been successfully selling used computers, servers, notebooks and more. The company not only offers fair prices, but also customer-oriented advice.

Being accessible to potential buyers on all relevant channels and at the same time providing excellent support increasingly posed challenges to the staff of ComputerOutlet24.

Particularly in the IT sector, products are sometimes very complex and prospective buyers need help in making a purchase decision. Questions such as "Which graphics card can I upgrade my computer with?" or "Can I install hard drive XY in my notebook?" are not uncommon.

We are accessible to our clientele on various channels. Keeping an eye on all channels at the same time was a big challenge.
Dominik Goßner computeroutlet24
Dominik Goßner, Sales Representative

Dominik Goßner sees another area of improvement in online reputation, because reviews are particularly important in e-commerce. A large number of consumers read reviews on Google or other portals to compare suppliers before buying. The problem is that happy customers too rarely leave a positive review.

Efficient and uncomplicated customer communication with Superchat

It quickly became clear that Superchat could help the IT company from Bavaria to make customer communication more efficient. Via Superchat's messaging platform, all important channels are bundled in one inbox. Messages received via WhatsApp, Facebook, email and co. are collected in one inbox.

From there, requests can be answered quickly and easily. Another advantage is the GPDR-compliant use of WhatsApp via Superchat and the WhatsApp Business API. In this way, ComputerOutlet24 meets the data protection requirements that apply in this country and in the EU.

We can no longer imagine everyday business without Superchat. Our customer communication is much more efficient and at the same time we offer our target group a modern shopping experience.
Dominik Goßner computeroutlet24
Dominik Goßner, Sales Representative

Apart from making internal workflows more efficient through the messaging platform, ComputerOutlet24 offers its target group a modern customer experience. Questions are easily asked via WhatsApp or the webchat without much effort. Orders are also taken via messaging channels such as WhatsApp.

To improve the company's online ratings, the ComputerOutlet24 team uses the practical rating function of Superchat. Customers are reminded to leave a review via a Google review link.

How ComputerOutlet24 benefits from Superchat

  • One platform for all communication channels: Facebook, WhatsApp, email and co. are bundled in one mailbox
  • More overview and control over incoming customer enquiries
  • Improved shopping experience and easy contact possibilities for your own target group
  • Easy sending of assessment invitations via the Superchat platform
Christina Wendt
Christina Wendt
Senior Content & Brand Manager, Superchat
Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.