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Very few people like going to the dentist or orthodontist. In addition to optimal treatment, communication is especially important. A challenge that unites many businesses in the industry.
  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 5 min reading time

Customers need to feel they are well taken care of

When it comes to health - and especially their own teeth - patients expect an all-round positive experience. As a rule, several communication channels are attended to at the same time, which poses challenges for the practice staff. The phone rings, the email inbox overflows and the patients on site also expect personal and courteous care.

Even before appointments are made, patients expect optimal service. A constantly busy phone has a negative impact on the person's experience and is frustrating for everyone involved. Often the phone rings incessantly, leaving staff little time to attend to other important tasks. A situation that Dr Gebhardt and his team at BISS45 know all too well.

Communication via e-mail is also far from ideal. On the one hand, the exchange with patients via e-mail is lengthy. Response times are high on both sides and e-mails quickly get lost in patients' overflowing inboxes. On the other hand, several staff members are often responsible for the email inbox. It is difficult to keep track of all the communication.

Switching between different channels again and again costs a lot of time and resources.
Profilbild Dr. Philipp F. Gebhardt
Dr Philipp F. Gebhardt, Orthodontist
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Another challenge is the change in communication. Contact with the treating practice must be as quick and uncomplicated as possible. For many people, telephone and e-mail are no longer the measure of all things when it comes to communication. This is true not only for private conversations, but also for doctors, companies and organisations.

Most people prefer conversations via their favourite channel, WhatsApp. In Germany, more than 60 million citizens use the messenger daily. Naturally, this popularity also awakens the desire to use the messenger for communication with doctors or companies. However, it is not possible to simply use

WhatsApp to communicate with patients. This is because doctors and medical institutions must adhere to the templates of the General Data Protection Regulation. The use of WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Business App is not recommended with regard to the applicable guidelines. Both solutions access address and metadata of the stored contacts, which is not compatible with the GDPR.

In addition, both options cannot be optimally managed from multiple users or devices. Which ultimately leads to even more chaos in communication with patients.

Some days the phone rings non-stop and my employees can barely keep up with the high volume.
Profilbild Dr. Florian Wenninger
Dr. Florian Wenninger, Dentist

It is not only communication that is important. Reviews are also of utmost importance in the medical field. A large proportion of patients read reviews on the internet before visiting a new doctor. Reviews have a great influence on the decision of patients. Negative online reviews or a low number of reviews raise doubts and users then often opt for the competition.

However, generating positive and authentic reviews is easier said than done. When it comes to dental health, many people are particularly sensitive and dissatisfied patients not infrequently express themselves in negative online reviews. Satisfied patients, on the other hand, rarely leave reviews. Many practices simply do not have efficient processes in place to remind happy patients to leave a review on Google.

Why dentists choose Superchat

Communication must be personal and uncomplicated. A goal that unites many dental practices.

We want to offer our patients an all-round satisfying experience.
Profilbild Polina Westphal
Dr. Polina Westphal, Dentist

In order to provide patients with modern, efficient and individual communication, numerous dentists and orthodontic facilities already rely on Superchat's software. Relevant communication channels such as WhatsApp, SMS, e-mail and co. are bundled in one inbox. The practice team can work together here to ensure optimal patient care. Additional information about the patient or the treatment is recorded via notes in the individual chats.

In addition, WhatsApp is 100% DSGVO-compliant via the Business API and can be used without hesitation for communication with patients. With automatic replies, you are also there for your patients outside opening hours.

In addition to bundling communication, dentists and orthodontists benefit from efficient assessment management. Via the Superchat platform, you send automatic evaluation invitations with a link to your Google Business profile.

A trusting relationship between practice & patient

Superchat enables better accessibility via all messaging and communication channels. Webchat, email or rather messenger? Ultimately, the patient chooses which channel to use to send a message.

Your patient's journey usually starts on their smartphone and with Google search. Their Google Business profile is the first touchpoint in this case. For some time now, users have had the option of contacting the medical practice they are looking for directly via Google Business Chat. The messages from the Google Business Chat end up in the unified inbox of Superchat together with the enquiries from the other channels.

Apart from Google, the website is one of the most important contact points for patients. With a web chat, you already offer an uncomplicated contact option for your target group here. In the website chat, the customer can select the preferred channel and send a message with the request.

Innovation has a high priority in our practice, not only with regard to the treatment of our patients. Communication via WhatsApp forms an optimal basis for building a trusting relationship with our young target group.
Prodilbild Dr. Thomas Banach
Dr. Thomas Banach, Orthodontist

WhatsApp is the most popular messenger and offers a whole new opportunity to connect with patients. Dr Thomas Banach uses this potential to reach his young target group. Patients are cared for from the first touchpoint to far beyond the treatment room.

Example template for WhatsApp 📱

Hello {{ firstName }} {{ lastName }},

Herewith we send you a short reminder for your appointment {{ wildcard }}. Would you like a short summary of all important details again? Then please reply with a "Yes" to this message and we will send you all the important information.

Best regards, {{ currentUserFullName }} {{ companyName }}

Documents or information materials are easily shared with patients via WhatsApp. Patients are easily reminded of upcoming appointments via practical WhatsApp templates. Messages received outside opening hours are automatically answered and individually processed by the practice team the next day. This is how orthodontists like Dr Thomas Banach guarantee all-round optimal care for patients.

Dr. Banach Team Foto.jpeg

Conclusion: Efficient processes & satisfied patients

Successful specialists such as Dr Thomas Banach, Dr Polina Westphal, Dr Philipp F. Gebhardt or Dr Florian Wenninger are already using Superchat and thus taking a pioneering role.

The bundling of communication channels provides the necessary overview and efficient processes in the team. The use of WhatsApp personalises communication and creates a trusting relationship with patients. The practice team is relieved and can thus better take care of patients on site or incidental office tasks.

Better accessibility makes for more satisfied patients and they usually change to other doctors less often. These loyal and happy patients are the best advertisement for your practice.

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  • Are online assessments relevant to you, but have not yet managed to implement a process that works permanently?

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Christina Wendt
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