WhatsApp in the Automotive Industry: Customer Communication at Top Speed

The automotive industry is facing a change of direction that also affects local car dealerships, spare parts dealers, and workshops. With individual support and straightforward communication, you improve the relationship with your target group and turn new customers into regular clients.
  • Maximilian Mierswa
  • 12/20/2023
  • 3 min reading time

For a huge part of the population, their car is an essential part of daily life. Consumer expectations continue to rise, especially concerning car purchases and maintenance.

Service, communication, and problem solutions must be straightforward and rapid, whether it's about buying a car or maintenance.

WhatsApp has become the prime communication channel for car dealerships, car rentals, and automotive repair shops. Superchat helps streamline communication via this messaging platform, making it more efficient and compliant with data protection regulations.


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Your Website as a conversation starter

One way to stay accessible to your customers at all times is by implementing a web chat on your website.

Whether it's about searching for a new car or looking into renting one, prospective customers eventually land on a company's website - an important point in the customer journey.

A website chat is easily accessible and user-friendly. Superchat's widget combines relevant channels, allowing website visitors to choose how they want to contact a company.

We want to be reachable on all channels for our customers.
Profilbild Christian Schuder
Christian Schuder, Porsche Center Baden-Baden

Test drives, repairs & more: Appointments via WhatsApp

Compared to email inquiries, messages sent via WhatsApp are answered more than twice as fast. This swift and direct communication is crucial, especially for urgent queries. In the case of a breakdown or issues with a rental car, sending a WhatsApp message is much quicker than drafting an email.

Even appointments for test drives or tire changes can easily be arranged via WhatsApp.

We receive customer inquiries almost exclusively via WhatsApp. Other channels like email are rarely used.
Carsten Fuths WAV Zitat
Carsten Fuths, Executive Officer - WAV

Moreover, Superchat allows you to use WhatsApp Business with multiple users simultaneously and link all your channels in a Universal inbox.

By assigning queries to specific employees, specific concerns can be addressed even more efficiently.

This way, you're always available for your customers, providing a professional service.

Our communication has become more efficient, easier, and clearer since implementing Superchat. Incoming customer inquiries are immediately assigned to the right person, labeled, and addressed.
Profilbild Christian Schuder
Christian Schuder, Porsche Center Baden-Baden

Appointment reminders directly on the mobile screens

Anyone can forget an appointment. However, this issue can be easily prevented by reminding your customers of upcoming appointments via WhatsApp.

Through Superchat's campaign function, you can send WhatsApp newsletters with appointment reminders to your customers with only a few clicks. They receive these messages directly on their mobile screens, reducing the likelihood of missed appointments.

Additionally, by sending WhatsApp newsletters, you avoid your messages ending up in the spam folder while also benefiting from an opening rate of over 90%.

Reminders via WhatsApp, such as for an upcoming tire change, are perceived as an additional service from the garage. In reality, it's just a few clicks.
Igor Udovicic, Co-Managing Director - Lakeside Garage Thalwil

Securing the pole position with Google reviews

In some cases, an unanswered email already leads to a negative Google review.

Unfortunately, it's usually dissatisfied customers who leave a review. Convincing happy customers to write a review is a challenging task for most companies due to the lack of straightforward processes.

Superchat provides companies with these straightforward processes. The integrated tool for online reviews helps automotive businesses manage incoming reviews and generate new ones. But why is the Google Business profile so crucial?

A strong Google Business profile with good reviews:

  • Positively impacts local SEO
  • Increases click rates on a company's website
  • Enhances brand trust

With templates and automations, satisfied customers are prompted to leave a review. This can then be sent via WhatsApp or another preferred channel. With a Google review link, recipients are directed straight to the Google Business profile to share their experience.

More qualified staff: Recruiting via WhatsApp

Even application processes can be tedious and complex at times. Many companies post their job listings on third-party sites and link back to their homepage, where applicants have to re-enter all their details.

Usually, this process involves long waiting times for responses via email.

With WhatsApp, you can significantly improve the application process. Documents can be conveniently sent through attachments on the messenger, and applicants can then be invited, for example, via a link, for a personal interview.

This way, you save time and can more efficiently search for suitable candidates for open positions in your company.

Our communication with customers has become significantly easier, faster, and more modern. Even the HR department uses Superchat.
Profilbild Christina Resch
Christina Resch, Head of CRM/Marketing & Customer Experiences - Widmann + Winterholler
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Maximilian Mierswa
Maximilian Mierswa
Maximilian is an intern at Superchat and supports the marketing team with various tasks. He also has a great passion for new projects.