Superchat in comparison: Superchat vs. Userlike

Userlike is a omnichannel communication provider and counts multinational companies among its customers. Superchat, on the other hand, focuses on the needs of SMEs. Find out why Superchat is an interesting Userlike alternative.
  • Fabian Rabenalt
  • 6/16/2023
  • 3 min reading time

Superchat - One webchat, multiple channels

Superchat is suitable for companies from a wide range of industries. At fair prices, companies benefit from relevant communication channels, can manage online reviews and receive personal support from our messaging experts. In addition to a universal inbox that bundles messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, email and more, Superchat offers an uncomplicated web chat for your company website. Customer enquiries are stored and can be answered individually at any time.

With Superchat, you keep an eye on all messages, no matter where you are. Via the mobile app, you are always available for your customers and are not tied to a laptop or computer.

Userlike Live Chat - a curse or a blessing?

Userlike is an international messaging platform that counts well-known companies among its customers. The hallmark of the company is a live chat, which is complemented by a chatbot. Userlike's live chat enables customer communication in real time. But: Customers' expectations regarding a live chat are very high. Small businesses should not underestimate the effort that a live chat requires. Are you able to provide optimal support to your customers via a real-time chat?

Apart from that, the company doesn't currently offer a smartphone app. This means that in order to control customer communication, the platform must be accessed via a web browser.

Comparing functions: Superchat vs. Userlike

We have compared the Superchat Basic package with the Userlike Team option. See how the two solutions differ from each other:

Superchat BasicUserlike Team
Price79 € / month90 € / month
Capterra Rating4,84,6
Android & iPhone App
Google Business Chat
WhatsApp Campaigns
Team Chat (integrated, no add-on)
Online Review Management
Customer Success Manager
WhatsApp Templates
Facebook Messenger
Multiple User
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5 reasons why Superchat is an attractive Userlike alternative

User-friendly software

Incoming messages are pooled in a universal inbox and the user interface is designed for intuitive navigation. After a short introduction, you can efficiently process customer enquiries together with your team.

More control & transparency

Answer customer requests as a team, clearly and transparently. Via the Superchat platform, you can allocate customer messages easily to team members, mark messages with labels or leave internal notes for more transparency.

Improve & manage online ratings

Improve your online reputation and generate new Google reviews. With Superchat, you can easily send review links to your happy customers. You will be notified about new reviews and can monitor the progress in your overview.

Individual advice

Superchat is there to support you and your employees right from the start. Our messaging experts guide you through the implementation phase, train your team and answer all your questions.

Relevant messaging channels

Superchat is geared towards the needs of small and medium-sized enterprises. All packages include relevant communication channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, SMS and more. All at a fair price.

Fabian Rabenalt
Fabian Rabenalt
Marketing Manager, Superchat
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