Superchat in comparison: Superchat vs. MessengerPeople

Messaging doesn't have to be expensive. Compare MessengerPeople and Superchat prices and features now.
  • Fabian Rabenalt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 2 min reading time

MessengerPeople is a well-known provider in the messenger platform sector and counts large, international companies among its customers. Superchat was founded in 2020 and aims to redefine customer communication. Which messaging software fits your needs? Find out why Superchat is an interesting alternative to MessengerPeople.

Superchat - More than a unified messaging inbox

Superchat offers a highly intuitive platform that provides a universal inbox as well as other convenient features. Relevant communication channels such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook, email and Co. are bundled and, in addition, online reviews can be managed via the platform. With the WhatsApp Campaigns feature, companies now have the option to generate more sales via messenger marketing. In addition, the messaging suite has a team chat that promotes internal collaboration.

MessengerPeople - Customer communication without e-mail & SMS

Large and international companies like BMW or TUI Germany use MessengerPeople for customer service. The messaging software provider offers different solutions for developers as well as companies. The most important messengers such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook are included in the universal inbox, but there is no e-mail or SMS integration.

Superchat vs. MessengerPeople

We compared some of the features and prices of MessengerPeople and Superchat. Is Superchat the better alternative?

Capterra Rating4,84,3
Team Chat
Mobile App
Google Cusiness Chat
Online Review Management
Google Review Code Generator
Facebook Messenger
Multiple Users
Internal Notes

Superchat or MessengerPeople? The decision is yours.

Relevant messengers & other channels

Superchat offers more than the most important messenger services. Besides relevant messengers like WhatsApp Business, the inbox includes additional channels such as SMS, email and Google Business Chat.

External & internal communication in one place

We believe that great internal communication creates the foundation for awesome customer experiences. The Superchat team chat empowers your team and provides a platform to openly collaborate and ultimately to create great customer experiences.

Improve & manage online ratings

Improve your online reputation and generate new Google reviews. With Superchat, you can easily send review links to your happy customers. You will be notified about new reviews.

Superchat for your pocket

With the Superchat Mobile app, you're accessible to your customers on the go. Superchat Mobile is available for both iOS and Android devices and can be easily downloaded from the app store.

Move to Superchat now, without any fuss.
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Fabian Rabenalt
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