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Automate the acquisition of new subscribers for your WhatsApp newsletter: 100% GDPR-compliant!
Easily and GDPR-compliantly gather new subscribers for your WhatsApp newsletter. This automation ensures simple and efficient management of your subscribers, allowing you to focus entirely on creating engaging content.
Lead Magnet: Free E-Book
Promote a free e-book on your website or through social media ads. To download the e-book, potential leads simply click a button or scan a QR code, redirecting them to WhatsApp. By sending a specific keyword, the automation is triggered. A few qualifying questions will be asked before the lead receives the free e-book. This direct interaction via WhatsApp ensures immediate delivery of the e-book while capturing the lead's phone number, establishing a direct communication channel. This immediate contact allows for the opportunity to target the prospect later with more relevant content or even make a personal call, significantly increasing the conversion rate.
More and better qualified leads for insurance brokers via WhatsApp
With this WhatsApp automation, you efficiently qualify your leads and convert them into a free initial consultation. Additionally, we give your leads the opportunity to GDPR-compliantly subscribe to your WhatsApp newsletter at the end of this automation. Use this automation to optimize your customer communication and attract more customers. Stay one step ahead of your competition.
WhatsApp Automation for GDPR-Compliant Newsletters with Segmentation
With our innovative WhatsApp automation, you can effortlessly gain and manage GDPR-compliant newsletter subscribers for your WhatsApp newsletter. Effectively segment your subscribers by identifying their preferences and send targeted content to the right recipients. This way, you create tailored campaigns with impressive conversion rates.
Customer Survey: Valuable Insights for Your Business
With this WhatsApp automation, you can gain valuable insights into how satisfied your customers are with your product or service. This allows you to gather crucial information to improve your offerings.
Express Application: Efficient and Quick Recruiting via WhatsApp
With this WhatsApp automation, you can quickly and effortlessly qualify candidates and engage with them in dialogue immediately. Not only can you evaluate suitable candidates via WhatsApp, but you can also fully support them from their first contact to contract completion. Additionally, it allows you to save applicants who may not fit at the moment for future opportunities and reconnect with them later.
B2B Lead Form: Quickly and Easily Qualify Your Leads via WhatsApp
With our B2B lead form, you can quickly and easily qualify your leads via WhatsApp. This automation saves you time and resources while building direct and personal communication with your potential customers. By doing so, you increase the efficiency of your sales process and boost the chances of securing valuable business relationships.
Get important event feedback directly through WhatsApp!
With this WhatsApp automation, you can easily receive valuable feedback from your participants with just a few clicks. Additionally, it promotes direct interaction, allowing you to engage in dialogue to improve your event. This means even happier participants and a better event for you.
Appointment Manager: Confirm, Reschedule, or Cancel Made Easy
Offer your customers a seamless appointment experience with our Appointment Manager Automation! We remind your customers in advance of upcoming appointments and give them the flexibility to easily confirm, reschedule, or cancel them.