your communication with the Superchat AI assistant.

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The ultimate extension for your team

The possibilities of ChatGPT, adapted to your company, in every messenger. Every customer request, at any time, so convincing that your customers won't even realize they're not talking to a human.

Available anytime and anywhere you need it

Guarantee your customers first-class support, regardless of the time of day.

Never stops learning and keeps getting better

Train your AI assistant effortlessly and watch how it continuously learns with every message.

Artificial intelligence with a personal touch

Give your AI assistant a unique tone of voice that suits your brand and your company.

Simple setup in minutes instead of hours

Design your personal AI assistant in a flash - without any programming knowledge.

Full control, at all times, without compromise

You can personally intervene in the conversation at any time and remain in control at all times.

Your data is always stored securely with us

The protection of your data is our top priority. All data is stored exclusively on German servers.

Works across all channels so you can breathe easily

Bring order to the message chaos: our AI assistant helps you to provide customers with the right answers faster.

Customer support on all channels, as if by magic - simple & reliable

The stars are aligned - your competitive advantage with our AI assistant


Set up in under 2 minutes

Developing an AI assistant has never been so easy. See for yourself!


Intelligence may be artificial, but communication will never be.


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