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E-commerce Companies Successful in their own Niche

Positioning oneself successfully in one's own niche is not an easy undertaking. Understanding your target group and communicating with customers is crucial for success.

  • Christina Wendt
  • 6/27/2022
  • 4 min reading time
Branchenlösunge E-Commerce

Major challenges for local commerce

Regular customers and the formation of long-term customer relationships are of great importance for niche companies in e-commerce. Although the competition in one's own niche is usually not very big, the pressure is nevertheless high.

The special challenge for niche e-commerce companies is to respond precisely to the needs of their customers. Especially in the case of purchases that are not commonplace and niche products, there is a need for explanation. Prospective customers don't just buy, they have questions that need to be answered before they buy. Ideally, the answer should not be long in coming.

Our labels are individually designed. In order to implement the wishes of our clientele, we rely on direct and efficient communication.

Diego Meier,

Many companies still rely on the telephone, the classic contact form or e-mail for customer communication. This is not in keeping with the times. On the one hand, the personnel costs should not be underestimated. On the other hand, the way people communicate with each other has changed a lot in recent years. Niche companies are not spared from this change.

Complicated communication channels and long response times are frustrating for interested parties. For example, if the answer to an email takes several days, customers often try another channel. The danger is that misunderstandings arise internally and customer messages are not answered at all or are answered several times. Especially when multiple communication channels are managed at the same time, communication quickly ends in chaos.

The biggest challenge for us was to answer all customer enquiries in a timely manner and to ensure that all enquiries were answered and nothing was lost.

Dominik Früchtl, italobee

Another challenge is communication via email newsletters. For a long time, newsletters were an important component in the marketing and communication strategies of many companies. However, new tracking and cookie regulations make it more difficult to analyse newsletter marketing campaigns. In addition, poor open and conversion rates mean that email is losing importance as a marketing tool.

This is why niche e-commerce businesses choose Superchat

A flawless and convenient customer journey is essential for niche businesses. On the one hand, there is a strong desire to offer customers individual advice and convenient contact and ordering options. On the other hand, processes should be efficient and transparent.

The intuitive user interface of the tool and the excellent support from Superchat convinced us.

Marc Bichel,

To create a compelling shopping experience, niche companies use the Superchat platform. With Superchat, relevant channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Webchat and co. are bundled into one platform. Here, several employees can answer enquiries together as a team, advise customers individually, take orders and send evaluation invitations.

WhatsApp as a successful communication and sales channel

Outdated and unreliable contact forms have had their day. Superchat helps niche e-commerce businesses to be accessible via all relevant messaging and communication channels. Ultimately, customers themselves choose which channel to use to contact the company.

WhatsApp is by far the most popular messenger in Germany and the desire of consumers to communicate with businesses via it is growing. With Superchat and the WhatsApp API, you have the opportunity to get in touch with your target group via the most popular messenger. The focus is not only on communication, but also on closing a sale.

Companies like already use WhatsApp as a successful conversational commerce channel. Via a QR code on the packaging or a flyer, customers are redirected to WhatsApp where they can directly reorder their favorite product.

The communication with the Superchat team is very good. The company deliberately adapts to the needs of small businesses.

Marc Bichel,

In addition to contact options such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, SMS and Co., as a company you benefit from the integration of a webchat on the company's own website. At the moment of the purchase decision, you are there for your target group. Unanswered questions or problems during the ordering process can be solved directly and purchase cancellations can be avoided.

Even after the order has been placed, you are there for your customers via the preferred communication channel and answer queries about the shipping status or offer assistance with technical questions. You accompany your customers from the first point of contact to far beyond the successful order. You create a basis for a long-term and loyal relationship with your customers.

Example Template for WhatsApp 📱

Hello {{ firstName }},

your order with order number {{ wildcard }} is now on its way to you and should arrive within the next {{ wildcard }}.

Tracking link: {{ wildcard }}

If you have any further questions about your shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards, {{ currentUserFullName }}

Giving customers the service they deserve

Companies like, and italobee offer their customers efficient, convenient and individual communication. Outdated contact forms are replaced by messaging. Email newsletters, which have an opening rate of just under 20 percent, are being replaced by WhatsApp newsletter. Compared to e-mail, the open rate of WhatsApp messages is over 90 percent.

WhatsApp thus forms a direct connection to your target group, regardless of whether they are potential new customers or long-standing regular customers. Via this channel, your customers receive the support that is desired and expected. The uncomplicated exchange, sending of pictures or documents and placing of orders revolutionise the shopping experience of your customers.

In addition, the bundling of communication channels provides the necessary overview and enables efficient teamwork. All communication channels are bundled in an inbox that several employees can access from different devices. The uncomplicated exchange reduces shopping cart abandonment and ultimately increases customer loyalty.

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Christina Wendt

Christina is one of our messaging experts and content specialist at Superchat. Besides communication and marketing related topics, she has an excellent knowledge of the Berlin food scene.